Webinar on SAI Gold and Silver Compliance with ISCC

23.11.2017, Cologne (Germany)

Did you know that all agricultural crops certified under ISCC fulfil automatically the SAI Silver Level? And that the crops are even compliant with the SAI Gold Level if a few additional minor must requirements are fulfilled? Are you aware that your ISCC certificate provides you with great opportunities to supply sustainable feedstock to many companies in the food and drink sector worldwide?

SAI (Sustainable Agriculture Initiative) is a platform of the global food and drink industry aiming at implementing secure and thriving agricultural supply chains and protecting the earth’s resources through widespread adoption of sustainable practices. At the time being, the Platform has over 90 members, many of them being globally leading brandowners of the food and drink industry and retailers.

ISCC has been benchmarked by SAI and achieved a SAI Gold and SAI Silver level. SAI Silver can be achieved by using the regular ISCC standard. Gold compliance, the highest performance level, can easily be reached if a specific set of minor musts is fulfilled at farm level which is normally the case.

What is the impact, what are the benefits for your company? How can you utilize your ISCC certification at the best? What should you consider for your next ISCC audit?

Those and additional questions will be addressed in a webinar on SAI Gold and Silver Compliance of ISCC on 23 November 2017 at 10am and 5pm (CET/MEZ).

Participation is free of charge!

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