Become a Member of the ISCC Association

Objectives of the Membership

Association Members strive to advance environmental and social sustainability and climate protection by promoting the production, processing and utilisation of sustainable raw materials and their products as well as the circular economy. Organisations interested in becoming a Member and furthering the ISCC System should complete the application form below.

Members of ISCC may also be members of other associations for certification of biomass, circular and bio-based materials and renewables.

Benefits of Membership in the ISCC Association

  • Advancing and shaping the strategic development of the ISCC certification system
  • Participation, voting rights, and decision-making power in the General Assembly
  • Actively contributing to the ISCC Stakeholder Meetings and Working Groups
  • Enhancing sustainability credentials through communication of the ISCC Association membership as a part of a strong sustainability community
  • Prominent visibility on the ISCC website
  • Enhanced networking opportunities
  • Discount on the ISCC quantity-dependent fees (for ISCC System Users) and ISCC licensing fees
  • “Priority Lane” registration for training courses, conferences and other ISCC events
  • Prioritized request handling and customer support
  • Access to the contents of the members’ section of the ISCC website

Membership Fees

Company TurnoverMembership Fee (calendar year)
Company < 10 mill. € turnover500 €
Company > 10 mill. € < 50 mill. € turnover1,000 €
Company > 50 mill. € < 250 mill. € turnover2,000 €
Company > 250 mill. € turnover3,000 €
NGOs, Research, GOs, Associations250 €
Academia Membersn/a

We recommend seeking Membership at the highest group level for optimal representation and utilisation of Membership benefits.

Income Sources ISCC Association 2022

Membership Fees: The ISCC Association is a membership organisation. Organisations that are becoming part of the ISCC Association pay fees based on their company turnover.

Membership fees in 2022: €321.550 thousand.

100% Membership Fees

Other Members of the ISCC Association

Membership Application Form

The application for ISCC Association Membership is a separate process from registering for ISCC certification. If you are interested in obtaining an ISCC certificate, please find the step-by-step guidance here.

Registration for membership

Application for membership

Please fill in the membership application form and make sure all provided data are valid and correct

Official representative for membership


Information on the applying organisation to be submitted to the ISCC Board

I hereby confirm that the declarations made in this registration are true and valid
I hereby submit the ISCC membership application for my indicated organisation