Multi-Stakeholder Initiative

International associations, corporations, research institutions and NGOs from around the world have been involved in the development of ISCC in order to meet high demands regarding social and ecological sustainability as well as to ensure high practicality and cost effectiveness.


of ISCC either have the option to engage with ISCC by becoming members in the ISCC Association, by participating in Stakeholder Committees, the regional and technical stakeholder dialogue, and Working Groups, or by giving feedback to the system through Public Consultation, or directly via email, over the telephone or in person.

The ISCC Association (ISCC e.V.)

is the legally registered body responsible for governing ISCC, for guiding the strategic decisions taken by ISCC and for unifying and representing ISCC’s stakeholders. Natural or legal persons may become members of the ISCC Association if they share the same goal and mission as ISCC. Members can participate in the organisation and have a voting right.

The General Assembly 

is the annual meeting of the members held by the ISCC Association, where members of the ISCC Association elect the ISCC Board and discuss and decide on strategically important matters.

The ISCC Board 

represents three different stakeholder groups participating in ISCC:

  • Biomass Producers and Processors
  • Trade, Logistics and other System Users
  • NGOs, Social Sector, Science and Research, Public Sector

The ISCC Board is made up of two representatives of each stakeholder group ensuring equal representation of interests. The ISCC Board may initiate and establish Stakeholder Committees to support ISCC in the handling of specific topics and to facilitate the regional and technical stakeholder dialogue.

The ISCC System GmbH

is where the day-to-day operations, management and development of the ISCC system are assigned to.

Annual ISCC Global Sustainability Conference

The ISCC Sustainability Conference is ISCC´s global flagship event, bringing together members of the ISCC association, ISCC system users, certification bodies and the wider sustainability community to exchange knowledge on lessons learned, best practices, and innovations.

Date to be announced

Further Information

ISCC EU 102 – Governance (v4.0, 01 July 2021)

This document lays down the general principles according to which the ISCC is governed globally. It specifies the goal and internal structure of ISCC, as well as the relationship between ISCC and its stakeholders. test