ISCC Licensing Scheme

The ISCC licensing scheme is a tailor-made solution for brand owners. It allows companies at the end of the supply chain to communicate and promote ISCC certified finished goods. The licensing scheme adds value for brand owners who commit to the sourcing of sustainable materials and creates more transparency as well as credibility towards end consumers.

With a valid license, brand owners who receive certified material from a certified entity and do not fundamentally alter the certified material anymore, are allowed to use the ISCC logos and/or claims (on- and off-product). Please check the decision tree to check the eligibility for the application of the ISCC licensing scheme.

In case certification is necessary, please have a look at the ISCC PLUS Certification Guideline below. Although an annual audit by a certification body is not mandatory for the licensing scheme, ISCC reserves the right to conduct integrity audits on a sample basis.

In addition, ISCC highly recommends brands owners that are certified to also become licensed to manage the use of ISCC logos and/or claims in a more credible and transparent way (publication of finished goods in the ISCC license database). To inquire detailed information, please feel free to get in contact with ISCC (license(at)

Retailers that would like to actively promote the ISCC certified finished goods that they sell (e.g. at the point of sale or in a marketing campaign) need to become licensed as well. They do not need a license if they simply sell ISCC certified products without any active communication.

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Further Information on the ISCC Licensing Scheme

  • You can find find a list of all ISCC licensees in the license database.
  • For more information, please review the document ISCC document 208 Logos and Claims.
  • In order to receive the logo (corporate logo and/or on-product logo), please fill in the logo application form.
  • Please send a message to license(at) in case you have any questions.

ISCC Document 208 “Logos and Claims (1.3)”

The purpose of this document is to protect ISCC’s integrity by ensuring that ISCC logos and ISCC claims are used consistently, accurately and in an understandable manner. With this document, ISCC intends to support businesses, organisations, and project partners in making credible claims and developing marketing and communications materials that promote their commitment to sourcing sustainable materials.

ISCC PLUS Certification Guideline*

*You can use this guideline for information purposes about the ISCC system. ISCC must be credited as the source, any modification is prohibited. Distribution is only allowed via this website link.