Feedstock Category: Bio

ISCC is committed to the environmentally, socially and economically sustainable production of biomass and products derived from biomass, which implies specific certification requirements. The conversion of land with high biodiversity value or high carbon stock for the production of biomass is not allowed. Thus, ISCC certification promotes deforestation-free supply chains. Furthermore, ISCC requires minimum GHG savings to be achieved. These requirements do not only cover European legislation but also enhance awareness and promote continuous emission reduction.

The ISCC sustainability requirements for farms and plantations are laid down in the form of six principles. ISCC Principle 1 covers the legal requirements of the RED II, whereas Principles 2 – 6 go beyond the legal requirements as they cover further environmental, social and economic requirements. The compliance of system users with these principles contributes to ISCC’s vision of a world without deforestation and a sustainable agriculture which maintains and increases biodiversity and creates healthy ecosystems on earth.