Feedstock Category: Circular

Circular (and bio-circular) feedstocks are materials at the beginning of the supply chain considered as a waste / processing residue that are not landfilled or energetically used, but instead reused, further used or recycled in a loop without dropping out of the economy.

“Circular “(incl. technical-circular)

means feedstock derived from the mechanical and/or chemical processing of recyclable materials of non-biological origin (fossil-based) (e.g. mixed
plastic waste, waste textiles, end-of-life tires, etc.).

Mechanical & Chemical Recycling

ISCC certifies mechanically and chemically recycled materials. Mechanical recycling has its limitations due to high sorting requirements and decreasing material quality, but is very resource efficient and thus, the preferred choice when applicable. When mechanical recycling is not technically possible, chemical recycling is an innovative approach to get mixed or diluted materials back into the value chain to reduce the worldwide waste problem. With the ISCC PLUS chain of custody certification, circular materials can be traced back throughout the supply chain, resulting in more credible and trustworthy claims on end products.