15 January 2024

In recent weeks, stakeholders have approached ISCC regarding discrepancies in the reported quantities of Used Cooking Oil (UCO) published in the European Commission’s 2022 EU report. These figures were based on submissions by ISCC System Users to ISCC in the framework of the annual EU reporting. Unfortunately, decimal point errors were identified in the submissions from System Users in Malta and Italy. Contrary to the reported 520000 metric tonnes for Malta, the corrected figure is 520 metric tonnes. The corrected figure for Italy is 50200 metric tonnes (instead of 604040 metric tonnes). ISCC informed the European Commission about these inconsistencies during a call on 15 December 2023.

In other countries it was observed that in some cases the total quantities of waste and residues collected were reported as UCO. ISCC is in the process of working together with CBs to clarify inconsistencies and numbers.