Octobre 11, 2022

ISCC as Service Provider for the UDB

ISCC’s service provider platform for the Union Database is designed to be a lean and efficient interface with a focus on enabling users to upload the required information regarding their company and its transactions to the UDB with ease. In this way, ISCC will contribute to improved traceability in biofuel and bioliquid supply chains.  

The platform developed by ISCC will serve as an interface to the UDB, as opposed to an additional database, with focus on facilitating the communication of information to the UDB and allowing users to view information relevant to them from the UDB in a clear and concise layout. Ensuring that the UDB remains the sole database in this environment contributes to the consistency of data and stock calculations. 

ISCC system users will be automatically registered in the ISCC platform to remove yet another hurdle to interacting with the UDB, which underlines ISCC’s commitment to minimizing additional effort on the part of system users linked to the mandatory implementation of the UDB. 

In terms of data security, ISCC has ensured that all servers hosting our platform are located in Europe, which ensures that all data handling is in line with GDPR rules (although there will be no personal data saved!). Data security is also improved by only saving the data which is essential for the transfer of transactions to the UDB. Finally, all transfers are encrypted in line with the industry standard. 

ISCC is in the process of planning and conducting pilot projects with some key partners to test its functions and identify ways to further improve the platform’s user-friendliness and utility for the economic operators that will be using it. In this context, ISCC is very thankful for the support being provided to us by the companies who are taking part in the pilots. 

ISCC will also be instrumental in providing mobile apps for the first uptake of eligible material into the platform both for agricultural commodities as well as waste / residues such as UCO and POME. The use of these apps will increase the data integrity and at the same time support third party audits. 

ISCC Registration and Document Submission System

A further element of ISCC’s digitalisation efforts is the development of an online system which will improve the current processes for registering new system users and submitting audit documents. The registration process will incorporate automated due diligence checks to improve confidence in the veracity of ISCC system users. Beyond this, system users and certification bodies will be able to update company information themselves to reduce the burden of communicating changes to ISCC by email. Finally, there will be an interface for submitting audit packages which will display the required documents based on the specific audit based on the answers in the APS audit and the scope of the certification.