16 April, 2016

ISCC certified companies now have the opportunity to fulfill next to the SAI Silver level also the SAI Gold level

The compliance of ISCC with SAI opens new doors for ISCC system users on a global level and enables them to access new markets with only one certification system.

The SAI (Sustainable Agriculture Initiative) is a platform of the food industry to assess and improve agricultural sustainability. SAI has developed the Farm Sustainability Assessment (FSA), which is used to benchmark existing codes and schemes against the SAI sustainability criteria.

To the SAI/FSA Website

Following a recent benchmark by the SAI Platform, the sustainability requirements of ISCC EU and ISCC PLUS have been determined as equivalent to FSA Silver level on a global level. This allows ISCC certified system users around the world to sell all “ISCC COMPLIANT” products as “Equivalent to FSA 2.0 Silver”.

Furthermore, ISCC has developed the voluntary Add-on “SAI Gold”, which can be applied on farm level. The Add-on ensures compliance with the FSA Gold level. This allows ISCC certified system users to sell all “ISCC COMPLIANT products that also comply with the Add-on “SAI Gold” as “Equivalent to FSA 2.0 Gold”.

Click here for further information on the ISCC PLUS Add-on “SAI Gold”

The claim “ISCC COMPLIANT” assures that the whole supply chain up to the farm or plantation is ISCC certified. This means that ISCC Compliance is only given if the production of the raw material fulfils the ISCC sustainability requirements (see ISCC System Document 202 “Sustainability Requirements”). Material from other schemes recognised by the European Commission may be accepted under ISCC as “RED COMPLIANT” but not as “ISCC COMPLIANT”.

Further information on claims please also see the ISCC system update from 07 July 2015 (available in the archive of ISCC System Updates in the client section of the ISCC Website).