23 November 2023

The recently concluded hybrid event was well attended, boasting a turnout of over 110 online participants and an additional 70 attendees onsite in the vibrant city of New Orleans, LA. The Technical Stakeholder Meeting was part of an event series hosted by ISCC in New Orleans. After the first ISCC Licensing Training was successfully conducted on 13 November, the Technical Stakeholder Meeting took place in the same premises. The event was followed by the first onsite ISCC PLUS training in four years. It was great to engage with participants onsite again!

The meeting focused on three topics pivotal to the North American Market. The first session centred on EU Regulations and biofuels, while the second provided valuable insights on low fossil emissionsland use change, and sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) production.

ISCC has responded to the already increasing demand for EU Deforestation Regulation (EUDR)-compliant statements from importers by introducing the EUDR Add on, which is in effect and ensures the production process is deforestation-free.

Chris Bliley, Senior Vice President of Regulatory Affairs at Growth Energy, highlighted during his presentation that 98% of gas in the US is blended with at least 10% Ethanol, making it the country’s primary fuel. Businesses and consumers are openly addressing climate change, with corn ethanol demonstrating 46% lower greenhouse gas emissions than gasoline. To meet the growing demand and potential, the industry must comply with legislative standards for SAF. Sarah Filus, Manager of Carbon Solutions at Eco Energy, emphasised the drive for companies to lower the carbon intensity of fuels. She cited successful initiatives such as the Low Carbon Fuel Standard (LCFS), which achieved a remarkable 49% reduction in ethanol fuel carbon intensity in California from 2011 to 2022.

The final segment of the meeting focused on the potential and challenges of the circular economy and bioeconomy. Dr Jan Henke (Director, ISCC System GmbH) presented the potential of the ISCC PLUS scheme, which aims to promote a circular economy. This was followed by Dayton P. Street (PhD Senior Application Development Scientist – Eastman) discussing Eastman’s method of combining mechanical and molecular recycling.

Jasmin Brinkmann (Senior System Manager, ISCC System GmbH) provided an overview of using trustworthy claims under the ISCC standard, concluding the day’s proceedings. The risk of facing accusations of greenwashing is increasing due to a growth in licensing schemes. It is crucial to comprehend the proper use of logos and claims to avoid any possible damage to one’s reputation. ISCC has implemented regulations to establish a shared foundation, guaranteeing the unambiguous, detailed and straightforward usage of logos and claims.

To sum up, the conference fostered stimulating debates in Q&A sessions, networking lunches and receptions. We offer our sincere thanks to all participants, with a special mention of our respected speakers. In addition, we express our appreciation to our sponsors:  SCS Global Services, the UIC Energy Resources Centre and Control Union (United States).