18 June 2024

We’ve recently been accepted as ISEAL Community Member. As part of a network of mission-driven sustainability organisations, we will continuously improve the effectiveness of their systems and demonstrate impact.  

The development of future-forward and impactful solutions to help address the sustainability challenges of our time is at the core of our business. Established based on a multistakeholder dialogue, we have prioritised collaboration across the value chain to understand market and stakeholder demands ever since. Based on these findings, we derive the respective actions and develop certification systems that provide a framework for bringing greater sustainability and transparency to global supply chains. 

In our aim to leverage our long-standing expertise in the field, to join forces with and learn from equally committed companies and organisations, we applied for the ISEAL Community Membership. ISEAL provides a range of resources to support the development and use of credible and effective sustainability systems. The ISEAL community contributes to tackling the world’s most pressing challenges and promotes mutual learning and innovations. 

In response to the recently accepted community membership application Dr Jan Henke, Director at ISCC states: “We are very pleased to be a member of the ISEAL Community and joining a network of industry professionals and stakeholders. By taking part in ISEAL’s learning, collaboration and innovation activities, we will further develop and improve our certification system. It is our goal to further foster trust in our system and continue providing the transparent solutions the market needs. This platform is one lever that helps us to do so.” 

ISCC supports fully traceable, sustainable, deforestation-free and climate-friendly supply chains. Our certifications cover different markets, materials and processes and are applicable in both regulated and voluntary markets. Recent developments include a carbon footprint certification and a European Deforestation Regulation (EUDR) certification add-on. The new solution enables system users to comply with EUDR requirements and demonstrate that the products they produce don’t contribute to deforestation or forest degradation. 

Joining the ISEAL community will open additional doors to our system optimisation based on a mutual exchange of expertise and best practices. ISEAL’s Executive Director, Karin Kreider, commented: “I am very pleased to welcome ISCC as an ISEAL Community Member. Tackling the climate crisis is one of the most pressing sustainability challenges of our time. I look forward to working with ISCC and seeing their insights add value to the ISEAL Community.”

All Community Members must meet ISEAL’s requirements. These include but are not limited to the submission of an annual progress report using the ISEAL Code of Good Practice as a reference point, the definition and documentation of the intended long-term social, environmental or economic impacts of the sustainability standards system or tool. Moreover, an ISEAL Community Member must implement a monitoring and evaluation (M&E) system and allow stakeholders to review. 

Henke concludes: ”The ISEAL Community Membership is of great importance to us. It testifies that we walk the talk, are transparent about our system and engage with peers. ISCC has been developed based on a multi-stakeholder approach and we continue living up to this collaborative approach. Therefore, we are very excited about the membership and look forward to sharing our profound experience in the certification sector with other ISEAL Community Members. Jointly, we can drive positive social and environmental change across multiple sectors.”