Cologne, 20 October 2016

ISCC is always looking for innovative solutions to promote sustainable business actions of farmers and producers as well as innovative ways of rewarding sustainable economic activities. In this context we would like to highlight a project of the Environmental Action Germany (Deutsche Umwelthilfe).

Within the research and development project Agora Natura, ISCC supports Environmental Action Germany in the build-up of an online marketplace, enabling the trade in so-called ecosystem services. The market place will be launched at beginning of 2018. The aim of the project Agora Natura is to make the benefits of nature and the value of ecosystem services visible to people in politics and society. With the online marketplace, additional non-state funds shall be raised to support the preservation of ecosystems. This is visionary and poses an interesting opportunity for modern nature conservation.

To bring the online marketplace Agora Natura quickly to life, currently 14 “eco-investor” packages are available with which you will receive valuable insider information before the marketplace is launched and hold the status of an Eco-Pioneer.

More information is available from Sascha Müller-Kraenner, CEO of Environmental Action Germany

Contact: agoranatura(at) or +49 30 2400867 891

Click here for further information on the project AgoraNatura

Download of the AgoraNatura flyer