September 27, 2023

On 30 August we held our 15th Regional Stakeholder Meeting – Latin America, in a hybrid format with 47 people onsite in Bogotá, Colombia and more than 120 online participants from all over the world. Many thanks to Alejandra Rueda, who has been reelected as Chair of the Committee, for an excellent moderation and the organisation onsite.

The day was packed with captivating discussions on a wide range of topics such as updates on ISCC, EU Regulations, Union Database, the upcoming legal Due Diligence Requirements and ISCC PLUS Development for the Circular Economy & BioeconomyMoreover, participants gained valuable insights into the benefits of embracing regenerative agriculture. In a collaborative session with ISCC’s sister company, Meo Carbon Solutions, attendees experienced how the process of generating carbon credits in Latin America works.

This event marked a significant milestone as it celebrated the first ISCC Food Security Standard (FSS) Add-On Certificate issued to GREMCA SA. This achievement not only establishes GREMCA SA as the first company worldwide to be certified with the FSS Add-On in Colombia but also demonstrates the global impact of this accomplishment. 

Funded by the German Federal Ministry for Food and Agriculture (BMEL) and actively managed by the Welthungerhilfe (WHH) and Meo Carbon Solutions, FSS aims to support the efforts at the production level of global agricultural value chains in fostering zero hunger worldwide.  

Acquiring the FSS Add-On with an ISCC certification offers multiple advantages, including: 

  • Identifying and mitigating human rights risks related to food at the production level 
  • Creating positive long-term impacts on the living conditions of workers, farmers, and surrounding communities 
  • Enhancing safe workplace and employee well-being
  • Highlighting compliance with national due diligence obligations and internationally recognized principles

This represents a commitment from ISCC to excellence and sustainability in the realm of food security.

This is an opportunity for all fellow producers, this is opening a door, the fact that we are a reference, so that they can integrate into these processes.

Oscar Cifuentes, General Manager, GREMCA Agricultura y Energía Sostenible S.A, Colombia

Furthermore, several companies contributed valuable insights to enrich our discussions. These included: Meo Carbon Solutions, GRAS, GREMCA, SCS Global Services, HIF Global, Fedepalma, Fundación Natura Colombia and WWF. Their diverse expertise highlighted the richness of this event’s content and highlighted the shared commitment to enhancing processes.

Rob Vierhout (Board Member, ISCC Association e.V.) explained what the Renewable Energy Directive (RED) III would mean for transport. The European Union’s objective is to achieve climate neutrality by 2050, by having a substantial reduction in greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions within the transport industry. To meet this target, there is an interim goal for 2030, aiming to reduce emissions by at least 55%. During his presentation, he delved into the key distinctions between RED II and RED III. 

This information is essential for ISCC to help companies within our schemes gradually achieve compliance with these goals. That’s why we must stay up-to-date and follow new regulatory developments. Only continuous improvement can lead us to a better future.

The day concluded with Dr. Norbert Schmitz, Managing Director at ISCC System, highlighting the remarkable achievements in Latin America, particularly in Colombia. He emphasised the commitment to a more sustainable world and more sustainable business practices, within companies and organisations alike. The 15th Regional Stakeholder Meeting – Latin America was indeed a day filled with meaningful discussions and a collective dedication to a greener, more sustainable future. Thank you to all who participated and made this event a success!