9 August 2016

ISCC has received the confirmation from the Commission, that the decision to re-recognize ISCC EU has been adopted today (09 August 2016). The publication of this decision in the Official Journal of the European Union might take up to three days. The Commission’s decision will enter into force on the day after its publication in the Official Journal (www.eur-lex.europa.eu).

As communicated on 03 August 2016, the Commission has pointed out, that the EU Member States have been informed that EU law does not prevent the Member States to continue accepting evidence from those schemes in case of a gap between the recognition periods.

ISCC has contacted the authorities in The Netherlands, UK, France, Sweden, Germany and Poland. Except of Poland these Member States confirmed that they will apply a transitional period as recommended by the Commission.

With regard to the Polish market, it is within the responsibility of the Polish authorities to interpret the Polish national legislation and to decide upon the acceptance of evidence on the sustainability of biofuels. ISCC cannot rule out, that the Polish authorities may adopt a restrictive interpretation of the Polish national law. Therefore, ISCC recommends postponing the issuance of Sustainability Declarations or Proofs of Sustainability for the Polish market until the Commission’s decision has entered into force.

4 August 2016

Today the European Commission has officially confirmed to ISCC that „ISCC has successfully passed the assessment and it will be re-recognised by the Commission. The adoption of the formal act – an Implementing Decision of the Commission is scheduled for 9 August 2016. The administrative procedure was carried out and finalised in the absolutely shortest time possible required for adoption of an Implementing Act by examination procedure.“

The European Commission has recognised voluntary schemes for a period of five years to demonstrate compliance with the legal requirements of the Renewable Energy Directive (RED) and the Fuel Quality Directive (FQD). As one of the first schemes recognised by the Commission in 2011, ISCC has undergone the process of re-recognition by the Commission in 2016.