July 12, 2017

A new food and beverage package from SIG has a clear link to plant-based renewable materials. ISCC PLUS is a sustainability certification scheme for all bio-based applications including chemicals, food, animal feed and energy.

Consumers are increasingly demanding environmentally friendly products with sustainable packaging. SIG’s latest food and beverage pack, the SIGNATURE, is 100% linked to plant-based renewable material and offers consumers an innovative new choice. The plastic used for laminating the paperboard and making the spout, originate from renewable European wood, and are certified according to ISCC PLUS, via a mass balance system. This means that for the plastic used, an equivalent amount of bio-based feedstock went into the manufacturing process. The mass balance system is similar to the renewable electricity approach.

Using wood residues to make plastic reduces its carbon footprint and boosts the bio-economy, without competing with food production. ISCC PLUS certification provides strict traceability of the materials along the supply chain to give consumers confidence that what they are buying really does help the environment.

Carton packs from SIG are already composed of 82% wood sourced paperboard certified by FSC™. The SIGNATURE Pack is a logical next step toward replacing fossil based materials by renewable plant-based ones, certified by ISCC PLUS. This packaging really is following the course of nature.

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