October 17, 2019

Industrias Licoreras de Guatemala and ISCC are pleased to announce the world’s first ISCC certified rum to display the ISCC logo

The family business Industrias Licoreras de Guatemala already started collaborating with ISCC in 2011 when the farms, sugar mill and distillery for Botran Rum became certified. The production process of blending and ageing the rum gained certification in 2017, completing the entire production chain. The certification body in charge of the certification audits has been Control Union from the very beginning.

Displaying the ISCC logo on the Botran rum bottles has now been the obvious next step. Carlos Cabrera, Quality Manager of Industrias Licoreras de Guatemala, highlights the importance of the ISCC logo on the Botran rum bottles: “This certification is optimal for the marketing of Ron de Guatemala internationally as it opens up markets and gives us access to very demanding consumers in terms of sustainability and who seek environmentally-friendly products”.

The ISCC PLUS certification ensures that the rum production, starting with the sugarcane cultivation, is free from deforestation whilst respecting biodiversity, the environment and people’s rights. The site-specific audit and certificate guarantee full traceability along the supply chain, so that the total volume of certified rum can be traced back to the same quantity of certified, sustainable sugarcane. ISCC PLUS is a global voluntary certification scheme for non-regulated markets and covers all types of biomass and other raw materials. Large brand owners increasingly apply the ISCC PLUS certification system in their supply chains to ensure the implementation of environmental and social standards.

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Carlos Cabrera, Quality Manager of Industrias Licoreras de Guatemala, in an interview about the sustainability certification of Rones de Guatemala (in Spanish):