November 23, 2023

As previously highlighted in our ISCC Newsletter, we maintain an ongoing commitment to enhancing the credibility of our certification system. With specific reference to the recent topics we’ve introduced, including the ISCC HUB and ISCC Transaction Database with Union Database (UDB) integration, and the ISCC Mobile App, we’re excited to share further updates, as outlined below. 

Please feel free to have a look at the linked presentations for more details. 


In our pursuit of a more robust ISCC System, we’re pleased to introduce you to the ISCC HUB. The ISCC HUB is an online platform for managing the registration- and certification-related data of System Users (= Economic Operators in European Union terminology). Both, System Users, and their Certification Bodies (CBs), will have direct access to manage and change System User data in the ISCC HUB that is accessible via single sign-on in the ISCC client section/ISCC CB section. 

The future integration of the ISCC HUB with the European Commission’s Union Database as well as with ISCC’s Transaction Database will create a one-stop shop solution for System Users.

Because it is a prerequisite to make the system more robust and supports adaptation to rapidly changing markets and regulative requirements.

Transparency is at the heart of ISCC. Data accuracy in a fast-changing world is a basic precondition and lays the foundation to accurate certification. The immense growth of ISCC over the past years requires us to provide a user-friendly and easily scalable tool for System User data management as the basis for all our certification processes.

How does it work? 

The ISCC HUB facilitates information exchange between relevant parties in real-time and seamlessly connects to other essential databases. 

What does it offer?

  • It’s a sophisticated data management system that streamlines the management of registrations and certificates.
  • It’s operated by ISCC and is accessible to both System Users and CBs.
  • It has built-in validations that not only enhance data accuracy but will be continuously improved.
  • Once all tools are operational it will seamlessly integrate with the ISCC Mobile App, ISCC Transaction Database and Union Database. 

Get ready for a more efficient and interconnected ISCC world! ISCC will inform about this in future updates before this becomes effective.

2. ISCC Transaction Database with UDB Integration:

For several months ISCC has been developing a Transaction Database, which will be directly connected to the UDB, as all of the functionalities are in full compliance with the requirements of the UDB.

The ISCC Transaction Database can be used by all ISCC certified System Users. In this platform, the users will be able to initiate transactions, upload their sourcing contacts (e.g., farms, restaurants) and respective material uptakes from them. Additionally, users can convert materials and manage their stock balance. 

The information about the company, certificates, sites, scopes, and materials can be automatically transferred from the ISCC HUB since the Transaction Database will be directly connected to the HUB as well. 

The interface of the ISCC Transaction Database‘s is intuitively designed to facilitate tasks such as uploading sourcing contacts, initial stock registration, and material uptake via CSV files. This streamlined process significantly minimises time and effort. ISCC has already completed internal testing rounds and launched the first pilot, covering a supply chain from the point of origin to biofuel production. 

Stay informed as ISCC will provide user manual and training to all interested System Users soon. Exciting times ahead for our community!

3. ISCC Mobile App

Introducing the automation of Point of Origin (PoO) registration and material uptake with the ISCC Mobile App, which aims to streamline the digitalisation of data flow requirements with an IT solution. 

With the ISCC Mobile App, you can:

–           Simplify Point of Origin (PoO) identification and data collection.

–           Enhance location verification using GPS and Google Maps.

–           Easily record and aggregate material details.

–           Confirm actions with a simple click.

–           Ensure verification with timestamped, validated data.

–           Enable authenticated data exchange between desired systems without delays.

Here’s how it works: 

A Collecting Point (CP) uses the ISCC HUB to give collectors access to the ISCC Mobile App. Collectors use the app to create collection tours with target PoOs. PoOs self-register their details with the app, which is validated against GPS and Map API for location verification. At each PoO, collectors verify PoO identification with a ‘digital handshake’ (i.e. scanning QR codes) and record material and delivery details in the app. At the end of a collection tour, collectors deliver materials to the CP/Dependent Collecting Point (DCP) with a detailed digital log, which is then confirmed by the DCP/CP using the app.

All transactions are done with a click on a button on mobile devices, eliminating the need for lengthy forms and potential errors that come from manual entries. Even if you’re offline, you can scan QR codes to keep the process smooth and efficient. Moreover, PoO registration plus material data flow is synchronised with the ISCC Transaction Database, which is connected to the UDB.

We’re excited to bring this app to our community, offering a new level of accuracy and ease of use for upstream data reporting.

In conclusion, these dynamic developments signify our commitment to fortify the ISCC System, enhancing its integrity and efficiency for the entire ISCC community and beyond. We will keep you updated about further developments!