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Acceptance of other schemes

Overview of voluntary and national schemes accepted by ISCC

This section provides an overview of the voluntary and national schemes that are accepted by ISCC. The requirements described in the ISCC System Documents apply.

ISCC reserves the right to withdraw the acceptance of schemes in case of, for example, bankruptcy or indication of fraud of an accepted scheme. ISCC informs all relevant ISCC System Users and cooperating Certification Bodies through an ISCC System Update about the withdrawal of the acceptance. The information on this page is also updated accordingly.




All voluntary schemes and national schemes that are recognised by the European Commission in the context of the RED and FQD can deliver into ISCC supply chains (applicable for biomass but not waste and residues). Materials certified under those schemes can be accepted by ISCC certified operators as “EU RED COMPLIANT” or equivalent.

Accepted schemes:

Acceptance of biomass, intermediates and final biofuels and bioliquids as “ISCC COMPLIANT” is only possible if the whole upstream supply chain is ISCC certified and the material used in the supply chain consists entirely of ISCC material (at least on a quantity bookkeeping basis). The precondition for the acceptance of other schemes as “ISCC COMPLIANT” would be positive equivalence benchmark.

Waste and residues

The acceptance of particular materials from other schemes may impose a significant risk to the integrity and credibility of ISCC and claims made under ISCC. A high risk for example applies to such materials that are or may be eligible for additional incentives in individual EU Member States (e.g. double-counting), and are covered under the ISCC EU waste and residues certification process.

Precondition for the acceptance of other schemes under the waste and residues certification process is a benchmark by ISCC. Such material can then be accepted as “EU RED COMPLIANT” or equivalent.

Accepted schemes:

  • RedCert EU
  • RSB
  • 2BSvs

Accepted systems operated by governmental authorities

  • Danish National Waste Register
  • German Waste Monitoring System (Abfallüberwachungssystem – ASYS)
  • Dutch Manure system

For more information on the Danish National Waste Register click here, for ASYS please click here, for the Dutch Manure system please click here (login required).



The acceptance of voluntary schemes other than ISCC requires at least a positive equivalence benchmark. Currently, other certification schemes than ISCC are not accepted under ISCC PLUS.

In order to show that the entire supply chain from the farm/plantation or point origin was solely certified under ISCC, certified suppliers (certified under ISCC DE, ISCC EU or ISCC PLUS) must state ISCC COMPLIANT for delivered material.

Deliveries of raw material that was cultivated in Germany or Austria and proves to be SAI GOLD or SAI SILVER COMPLIANT can be accepted under ISCC PLUS as SAI GOLD COMPLIANT or SAI SILVER COMPLIANT.