Process · 4th Step: Get Audited and Receive ISCC Certificate

Only five steps towards ISCC certification

Prepare the audit within your company

Internal audit

  1. Set up an audit team
  2. Identify missing information
  3. Complement missing information
  4. Conduct an internal audit

Please note:

Become familiar with the ISCC requirements to be prepared for the audit. Non-compliances may delay the certification process.

Get audited by your certification body

Certification audit

  1. Provide all necessary proofs, documents and data as well as access to relevant locations
  2. Receive the audit report and a list with corrective measures, if necessary
  3. Implement the corrective measures within 40 days (if applicable)

Please note:

The certificate can only be issued after the timely implementation of  the corrective measures mentioned in the respective list.

Receive your certificate

Issuance of certificate

  1. CB forwards audit documents to ISCC
  2. ISCC reviews the audit documents
  3. ISCC publishes the certificate on the ISCC website
  4. ISCC informs official bodies, if necessary

Please note:

ISCC system users are obliged to check on the ISCC website whether their suppliers of sustainable material are in the possession of a valid ISCC certificate.