Process · 5th Step: Handling of Sustainable Material

Only five steps towards ISCC certification

Compliance with ISCC requirements

Handling of sustainable material

Once the certificate has been issued by your certification body, you are allowed to purchase and sell sustainable material as well as to use the ISCC logo and claims.

The following requirements have to be complied with, among others:

  • Before buying sustainable material, the certificate holder has to check on the ISCC website whether the supplier is in the possession of a valid certificate
  • For all outgoing material a sustainability declaration has to be issued. The certificate holder has to make sure that the incoming and outgoing delivery documents contain all necessary information according to ISCC requirements. Please see ISCC System Document 203 “Traceability and Chain of Custody” for further information
  • ISCC System Updates with information and updates of the ISCC System have to be considered. The System Updates are sent by ISCC to the contact persons of the companies on a regular basis
  • Note: Producer or trader of final biofuels who would like to sell final biofuels to the German market have to get registered with Nabisy. For further information please visit the client section of the ISCC website
  • When using the ISCC logo or ISCC claims, ISCC has to be contacted prior for approval

Logo use and claims

With the ISCC logo or sustainability claims on your product you can differentiate your product in the market

Through the ISCC logo or sustainability claims on your products, you can differentiate your products in the market, leading to improved sales opportunities.

See “Certification Examples” for some impressions.

The ISCC logo and claims can be used as long as there is a valid ISCC certificate in place and your company does not act against the sustainability goals of ISCC.

Before using the logo or claims, please indicate to ISCC where the logo is intended to be placed or what the content of your claim is. After approval by ISCC you will receive a high-resolution file of the ISCC logo for the requested application.

For further information please download the document “Logos and Claims” below.