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How to submit complaints

Conflict resolution and the investigation of fraud cases is essential for ISCC in order to maintain reliability and integrity. Protecting the ISCC certification system from misuse is important to ensure that those who have invested time and resources in ensuring compliance with the ISCC standard are properly identified.

ISCC is very committed to solve conflicts trough dialogue with the affected parties before initiating a formal procedure. If the dialogue between conflicting parties does not solve the conflict, a formal procedure as stated below will follow.



  1. Make sure that you have objective and sufficient evidence in order to attain an idea and unambiguous understanding of the situation. A complaint based on hearsay or rumours is not sufficient enough for further investigation.
  2. Please fill in the form below.
  3. ISCC decides on accepting the complaint/fraud allegation based on the formal requirements and will inform you about the further course of action. Investigations will be conducted with as much confidentiality as possible. Any result and decision will be communicated to the complainant by the ISCC management without delay.


Submit a complaint or fraud allegation

Complaints and appeals must be submitted in written form and must contain basic information about the complainant including name and organisation. In case you intend to maintain anonymous throughout the further process, you need to declare this and provide a reasonable explanation for the request.

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