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ISCC for the food and feed market


ISCC is a globally applicable sustainability certification system and covers all sustainable feedstocks, including agricultural and forestry biomass, biogenic wastes and residues, circular materials and renewables.

With currently over 4,000 valid certificates in more than 100 countries, ISCC is among the world’s largest certification systems. It has been developed through an open multi-stakeholder process and is governed by an association with more than 140 members, including research institutes and NGO’s. As a no-deforestation standard with a strong commitment to protect forests, high-carbon stock lands and biodiversity, ISCC strives for a world where biomass and other raw materials are produced in an environmentally, socially and economically sustainable manner.

Interested in ISCC Certification?


Have a look at the presentation “Creating a better world with ISCC”


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ISCC provides possibilities to extend the certificate to specific market requirements

In addition to the core requirements, interested parties can choose from a set of voluntary add-ons, such as:

Increasing biodiversity

Phasing out hazardous chemicals

Reducing consumption of water, fuels and electricity

Reducing GHG emissions

Producing Non-GMO


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