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In an era of increasing environmental challenges, social issues and growing concerns about climate change, a rising number of consumers and producers is looking for sustainable solutions. ISCC PLUS certification can be a powerful tool to guarantee that companies along the supply chain meet environmental and social standards. Depending on the chosen chain-of-custody option (mass balance accounting or physical segregation), ISCC system users can use different logos and claims.


With the launch of the ISCC licensing scheme, ISCC developed new on-product logos.

ISCC logo application form


Before applying for the ISCC logos and using ISCC claims, please read ISCC document 208 ‘Logos and Claims’


Please fill in the form below if you would like to use the ISCC logo! All fields marked with * are mandatory.

If you need any guidance regarding your ISCC claims, or if you have general questions regarding the use of the ISCC logo, please contact ISCC at info(at)


ISCC Form for Logo Use

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ISCC on-product logo

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ISCC off-product logo

For which application would you like to use the ISCC off-product logo? *

ISCC off-product logo

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Adding value to your business

Using the ISCC logo for your external communications can strengthen your company’s reputation for sustainability. Credible communication of your sustainability efforts is key – third-party certification can help you build credibility and trust in your business relationships.


The ISCC team offers support and guidance:

We send you the right logo for your application

We provide guidelines for ISCC-compliant claims

We share your ISCC PLUS story on our website and social media, thus extending your audience*

We display products with the ISCC PLUS logo at the ISCC Sustainability Conference**

*Precondition is high-publicity content, like magazine articles, press releases or social media postings. ISCC reserves the right to refuse content sharing without giving reasons

**by prior arrangement


See how other companies promote their ISCC certification

Please note that this is only a selection for demonstration purposes.


Hammarplast uses the ISCC logo on its medical devices.

One of Hammarplast’s main goals is to increase sales of products that support the production of renewable materials. The ECO+ product line is called “sustainable choice” and offers an added value to clients.


Thise and Arla supply the retail with Elopak’s “Greenest Pure-Pak ever” milk carton – featuring the ISCC logo

By buying the milk products, end consumers can see that their choice has contributed to the sustainable sourcing of renewable materials.

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Botran Rum is the first rum with the ISCC logo

Sustainability is very important for Industrias Licoreras de Guatemala and they know that the younger generation is increasingly looking for sustainable brands. Carlos Cabrera, Quality Manager of Industrias Licoreras de Guatemala, highlights the importance of the ISCC logo on the Botran rum bottles: “This certification is optimal for the marketing of Ron de Guatemala internationally as it opens up markets and gives us access to very demanding consumers”.

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ADM uses the ISCC logo on its Wielkopolski rapeseed oil bottles

The ISCC logo on the rapeseed oil bottles shows that ADM is highly committed to meet ISCC’s ecological and social requirements starting at the farm level.