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Objectives of the membership

Natural or legal persons willing to become members shall be prepared to support production, processing and utilisation of sustainable feedstocks in the context of the ISCC system and thereby make a contribution to climate protection and ecological and social sustainability.

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Benefits of membership in the ISCC Association:

  • Privileged access to information
  • Advisory services regarding sustainability, chain of custody and GHG
  • Possibility to participate in the ISCC General Assembly, Stakeholder Meetings, Conferences and Regional and Technical Committees
  • Active influence on strategy and future developments of the ISCC System
  • Communication of ISCC Membership to customers and public
  • Priority registration for training courses
  • Access to the client login section of the ISCC website
  • Networking opportunities


No restrictions

Members of ISCC may also be members of other associations for certification of biomass, circular and bio-based materials and renewables.


How to become a member of the ISCC Association?

To become a member of the ISCC Association please fill out the form below and return it by fax or mail.

Membership fees

Company turnoverMembership fee (annual)
Company < 10 mill. € turnover500 €
Company > 10 mill. € < 50 mill. € turnover1,000 €
Company > 50 mill. € < 250 mill. € turnover2,000 €
Company > 250 mill. € turnover3,000 €
NGOs, Research, GOs, Associations250 €
Individual50 €

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