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Public consultation

Newly developed system documents or fundamental changes will be published for public consultation

The ISCC System has been developed in a multi-stakeholder process, including international associations, corporations, research institutions and NGOs from around the world to meet high demands regarding social and ecological sustainability as well as to ensure high practicality and cost effectiveness. Hence, the ISCC Association (ISCC e.V.) was established as a legally registered body responsible for governing ISCC, for guiding the strategic decisions taken by ISCC, and for unifying and representing ISCC’s stakeholders (please find the ISCC Statutes here). In addition, the ISCC EU system is subject to a revision by the European Commission every five years in which the system as a whole is reviewed and the standards are adapted according to the latest scientific findings, feedback from stakeholders and to incorporate practical experiences and best practices.

As ISCC is continuously working to improve the ISCC System, feedback from companies using ISCC, certification bodies and other interested third parties is an important source for the ongoing development and therefore highly welcome.


  1. ISCC publishes fundamentally changed or new documents for public consultation below. Please note that all published documents are draft documents. In addition, finalised versions of the documents might be subject to further adjustments.
  2. ISCC invites all interested parties to send their feedback regarding the documents below to ISCC. The public consultation will last sixty calendar days from the date of publishing. Please use the contact form below to submit your feedback. All fields marked with an asterix (*) are mandatory.
  3. If the commentator agrees, ISCC will publish the feedback during the public consultation phase in the table below for reasons of transparency.
  4. After the public consultation phase, ISCC will analyse and consider the feedback received before publishing the final version of the document. Additionally, ISCC will announce the date from which on the document will be valid.


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Public consultation
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Submitted feedback

Please find feedback from ISCC stakeholders regarding documents published for public consultation below. ISCC reads all comments thoroughly and considers the feedback for the further development of ISCC documents.

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