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Regional Stakeholder Committee Meeting Latin America

Upcoming meetings:

The next meeting will take place on 21 January 2020 in Antigua, Guatemala.
The venue will be confirmed shortly.

The attendance is free of charge.

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Please note that a full-day Q&A session (“question-and-answer session”) will take place on 22 January 2020 in Antigua, Guatemala (same venue). Every participant of the Stakeholder Meeting Latin America is welcome to join the session.



Alejandra Rueda Zarate (NES Naturaleza)



11th Regional Stakeholder Committee Meeting Latin America

19 February 2019, Bogotá (Colombia)


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Previous meetings:

10th meeting: 06 March 2018, Bogotá, Colombia

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9th meeting: 28 October 2016, São Paulo, Brazil

8th meeting: 20 October 2015, São Paulo, Brazil

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7th meeting: 24 June Miami, USA

Joint meeting of the ISCC Regional Stakeholder Committees North America and Latin America.

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6th meeting: 10 September 2014, Porto Alegre, Brazil

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5th meeting: 27 October 2013, Buenos Aires, Argentina

Discussion of issues to be addressed by the Regional Stakeholder Committee Latin America

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4th meeting: 06 March 2013, Buenos Aires, Argentina

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Around 70 participants from Argentina, Brazil, Paraguay, Uruguay and Chile attended the fourth meeting of the ISCC Technical Committee Latin America on March 6 in Buenos Aires.
The experiences with ISCC certification in this region were discussed in detail, and departure points for improvements have been identified. The non- existing definition of highly biodivers grassland remains one of the main issues. Double counting and the implementation of the 36th Ordinance on the Implementation of the Federal Immission Control Act (36th BImSchV) were other focal points.

Amanda Cosenza from ADM do Brasil was elected as new chairwoman of the Technical Committee.

3rd meeting: 09 November 2011, São Paulo, Brazil

2nd meeting: 05 May 2011, São Paulo, Brazil

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Norbert Schmitz provided an update about the EC recognition process and most recent developments of the ISCC scheme. It was well received by the attendees that ISCC is used by more than 500 companies in 33 countries. Experience with ISCC implementation in Latin America has been presented by Marcio, supplemented by Vanda Nunes from SGS and João Pedro Pacheco from Control Union.
Critical issues for certification such as the definition of highly biodiverse grassland, storage and usage of agrochemicals, and uncertainties regarding the Brazilian Forest Code have been identified and being addressed in the discussion. A valuable insight on the Brazilian Forest Code matter was provided by Joao Campari, Director of the NGO TNC (The Nature Conservancy). Possible solutions for the critical matters have been discussed and will be elaborated on more in detail in the near future.

1st meeting: 26 October 2010, São Paulo, Brazil

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On October 26, 2010 the first meeting of the Regional Stakeholder Committee Latin America on experiences with the ISCC System in Latin America was held at the SGS Academy in Sao Paulo, Brazil. After a brief welcome speech by Ms. Vanda Nunes (SGS Brazil) and Dr. Norbert Schmitz (ISCC), presentation were held regarding the current state of affairs of ISCC, the regulative framework conditions and the development of ISCC in Latin v