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Waste, residues and advanced low carbon fuels

The committee is intended to support the constructive dialogue on the sustainability certification of waste and residues-based biofuels and advanced biofuels


Upcoming meetings

The first meeting is taking place on 17 July 2018 in Shanghai, China

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Please note that from 18 – 20 July 2018 the ISCC EU and PLUS Basic Training is taking place in Shanghai, China.

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The objectives of this Regional Stakeholder Committee will be:

  • Discussion of certification of waste and residue-based supply chains
  • Elaboration on advanced low carbon fuels and certification requirements
  • Ensure integrity of supply chains and the certification of feedstocks with a potentially higher risk

As the significance of waste and residues-based biofuels and advanced biofuels continuously increases on a global basis, innovative certification approaches and reliable global supply chains become more important. The new Regional Stakeholder Committee will provide an important platform for stakeholders to engage in a dialogue to tackle those challenges and opportunities. The Committee will have a particular focus on Asia, Europe and North America.