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The committee is intended to support the constructive dialogue on the implementation of sustainability regulations in the wood based industry. Practical experiences will be discussed and – if possible – considered for improvements of the ISCC system.


Previous meetings:

8th meeting: November 28, 2017, Brussels, Belgium

The 8th ISCC Technical Committee Solid Biomass took place on 28 November 2017 in Brussels, Belgium. ISCC welcomed members (e.g. WWF), system users, certification bodies and stakeholders from different organisations (e.g. European Commission, National competent authorities, confederation of European forest owners) discussing implications of the sustainability requirements for solid biomass in the proposed RED recast and traceability in forestry supply chains.

Giulio Volpi from DG Energy presented the current state of the RED recast. The participants intensively discussed the current proposal for solid biomass sustainability criteria as set out in the RED recast and its potential implementation via certification or other measures. Meo Carbon Solutions presented already available technology tools which allow for online sustainability evaluation of forest areas and full traceability throughout complex supply chains. Afterwards, the future Dutch requirements for solid biomass and its verification were introduced as an example for national implementation of sustainability criteria for wood. ISCC’s approach for sustainable solid biomass was presented proving that RED compatible certification of forest biomass can be implemented. Following, UPM’s concept for sustainable forest management in Scandinavia was presented.

After lunch break, GRAS, an innovative web-based tool supporting companies, organisations, etc. implementing sustainable forest supply chains and conducting credible sustainability assessments, was introduced. BASIS Bioenergy, a web-based database providing valuable information on wood demand and consumption in the EU, was presented. Further, the EU Timber Regulation (EUTR) was discussed, providing insights in actual measures fighting illegal wood by the EU and ensuring traceability in forest supply chains.

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7th meeting: January 23, 2013, Berlin

6th meeting: July 25, 2012, Cologne

5th meeting: May 10, 2012, Berlin

  • 4th meeting: January 25, 2012, Berlin
  • 3rd meeting: September 02, 2011, Berlin
  • 2nd meeting: May 24, 2011, Berlin
  • 1st meeting: February 25, 2011, Cologne