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ISCC EU and PLUS Basic Training


Upcoming Dates

  • 23 – 25 June 2020, Cologne, Germany
    Venue: Steigenberger Hotel Köln, Habsburgerring 9 – 13, 50674 Cologne

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How to get there: by airplane to Cologne/Bonn, Düsseldorf or Frankfurt airport. Please note, that the fastest train connection from Frankfurt airport to Cologne central station takes one hour (ICE connection). Find more information on train schedules here on the website of German Railways.

IMPORTANT NOTE: if it is not possible to conduct an in-person workshop (due to the coronavirus pandemic), we will offer the next ISCC EU and PLUS Basic Training as an online course.

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The training reflects all amendments that have been required due to the re-recognition of the ISCC EU System by the European Commission.

Day 1: Overview of the ISCC System as solution provider for deforestation free supply chains. The framework requirements for the different markets (biofuels, food, feed, bio-based products) are presented as well as the certification of circular economy, wood based supply chains and biogas. There will also be an overview of the certification processes and related documents. Another topic is the conduction of sustainability audits on farm/ plantation level and the assessment of no go areas and land use change. This includes the presentation of a tool to facilitate risk analysis and land use assessment to prepare for an audit.

Day 2: Focus on the role of the supply chain elements that have to be covered by certification and the ISCC requirements for traceability and chain of custody.

Day 3: Focus on Greenhouse Gas (GHG) requirements, calculations and verifications

Working group sessions round up all three days

Benefits at a glance

  • Find out how the ISCC system can be a solution provider for sustainable and deforestation free supply chains
  • Get to know regulatory framework conditions
  • Learn about voluntary market requirements
  • Familiarize yourself with traceability requirements chain of custody options
  • Get to know the methodology of GHG calculation and verification
  • Find out about the ISCC logo use and claims

Target groups

Certification bodies, auditors and company representatives, NGOs, research bodies and authorities

Important note

The participation in the ISCC EU and PLUS Basic Training is a mandatory requirement for all auditors before they can conduct audits under ISCC.

Fees for the ISCC Basic Training

  • 990 € + VAT (early booking, at least 14 days ahead)
  • 1.100 € + VAT (regular fee)

Payment and cancellation policy

General note

  • ISCC trainings are open for all interested parties
  • ISCC trainings are held in English (if not stated otherwise)
  • The training documents are provided to all participants at the beginning of the training in electronic form (USB-stick)
  • Participants should bring their laptops to the training.
  • Please note that an Attestation of Participation can only be issued for participants who attend the entire training to the end and also actively participate in the group work.

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