Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,

Since the beginning of ISCC certification and auditing, the ISCC EU and PLUS Basic Training has been a prerequisite to conduct audits under ISCC. In order to increase learning effects for auditors and to further strengthen the reliability of ISCC audits, ISCC has developed an online test for auditors based on the content of the ISCC EU und PLUS Basic Training. The testing phase took four months and included a test-run and survey for participants of the last three ISCC EU and PLUS Basic Trainings. The gathered feedback has been incorporated and we are happy to announce that the online test is now ready to launch.

To conduct audits under ISCC, auditors must pass the test within eight weeks after participation in an ISCC EU und PLUS Basic Training. Only after successful completion, participants will receive their attestation and thus the permission to conduct audits under ISCC.

Three blocks of 10 questions, representing the three days of the training, must be answered and the participants must achieve at least 80% in each block. If the test fails, it can be repeated with a different set of randomised questions. Participants can also pause the test at any stage and resume later if necessary. After the successful completion of the test, auditors can download a personal proof of completion, which is to be sent to ISCC via email. ISCC will then provide these auditors with an official attestation with an ISCC seal and signature. Only this official attestation will allow auditors to conduct audits under ISCC.

Please note that this new prerequisite is only relevant for participants of upcoming ISCC EU and PLUS Basic Trainings, starting with the next training from 10 – 12 March 2020. Auditors who received their attestation by participating in a previous ISCC EU and PLUS Basic Training do not have to complete the test.