Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,

We herewith inform you about updates and clarifications in the ISCC System. Please share this information with all relevant members of staff.

1. Update ISCC PLUS System Document

ISCC has updated the ISCC PLUS system document (v3.3). The summary of changes section provides a detailed overview of all changes. Interested parties can download the document here on the ISCC website. The updated requirements must be implemented in audits taking place after 1 January 2022 the latest.

2. Update ISCC PLUS Sustainability Declaration

In accordance with the new standard document and ISCC PLUS list of materials, ISCC has updated the template for the ISCC PLUS Sustainability Declaration. The latest version (v3.1) now contains the following information:

  • Possibility to include several raw material categories (amounts must be separated)
  • For circular materials: Differentiation between post and pre-consumer origin
  • Specification for type of recycling operation (chemical/mechanical)

The current version of the ISCC PLUS Sustainability Declaration (as of 09 September 2021) is available here in the client section of the ISCC website (login required).

3. Update ISCC PLUS Material List

The following raw materials were added:

Table 2 “Intermediate and final products”

  • Aromatic hydrocarbon (C6)
  • BOTP (n-butyl-2-ethylhexyl Terephthalate)
  • C5
  • Circular carbon black
  • DBTP (Di-n-butyl Terephthalate)
  • DOTP (Di-2-ethylhexyl Terephthalate)
  • PBT (Polybutylene terephthalate)
  • Refinery grade propylene (RGP)
  • TBC (Tributyl Citrate)
  • TOTM (Tri-2-ethylhexyl Trimellitate)
  • Tyres

Please note that the ISCC lists of materials (EU and PLUS) can be amended. In case a material should be certified which is not listed yet, ISCC must be contacted prior to the issuance of the certificate via

The current version of the ISCC PLUS list of materials (as of 09 September 2021) available here in the client section of the ISCC website (login required) (LINK).

4. New ISCC PLUS FAQ on Website

ISCC has integrated an ISCC PLUS FAQ section with a list of questions and answers for interested parties. Please find it here under “Process”. It provides clarifications on general and re-occurring aspects of the ISCC standard. Please go through these before contacting the ISCC help desk via email or phone. Please don’t hesitate to provide feedback if you would like to have further topics included.

5. Update ISCC 208 “Logos and Claims”

ISCC has updated the ISCC 208 ‘Logos and Claims’ guidance document (v1.3), which shows all information on the use of ISCC logos and claims.

The updated document covers basic guidelines, the approval process, and the use of the ISCC corporate and on-product logos. In addition, ISCC offers guidance for B2B and B2C claims, as well as a style guide for the application of the ISCC logos.

6. New ISCC On-product Logos

New on-product logos were developed which are available as of now. For guidance on how to use the logos, claims and different modules for the application of the logo, please have a look at the updated ISCC 208 ‘Logos and Claims’ document (v1.3).

With this update, ISCC offers on-product logos for certified products linked to each raw material category: circular, bio-circular and bio. In case you would like to use the new logos please fill in this form. After approval ISCC sends the respective logo to the system user.

7. New ISCC Licensing Scheme

The ISCC licensing scheme is a tailor-made solution for brand owners, which allows companies at the end of the supply chain to use ISCC logos and ISCC claims for consumer-facing communication. That way, the entire value chain is covered. ISCC operates the licensing program to add value for consumers and to increase transparency and traceability at the end of the supply chain.

Please note that brand owners that sell products with the ISCC on-product logo or an ISCC claim must be covered by an ISCC certification or an ISCC license. This also applies when brand owners buy packaging materials from their ISCC certified suppliers that already bear the ISCC on-product logo or an ISCC claim. If a mass balance calculation is applied, a license is not applicable anymore. In that case, the company must be covered by a certification.

It is applicable as of now. Please find all information here.