Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,

We herewith inform you about an upcoming update of the German Nabisy database. Please share this information with all relevant members of staff within your organisation.

The BLE has informed ISCC that an update to Nabisy is expected in the middle of calendar week 3 (presumably on 15 or 16 January 2019). The major changes coming into effect include:

  • the explicit display of the individual elements of the greenhouse gas emissions calculation formula on the Nabisy Proof of Sustainability (PoS)
  • the deactivation of the option to combine or merge Proofs of Sustainability
  • the deactivation of “worthless” Proofs of Sustainability

The letter from the BLE (“8. Information letter Nabisy – changes to the program”) with detailed explanations regarding all changes can be downloaded here on the website of the BLE (English version). Please note that the changes are expected for 15 or 16 January already and not – as announced in the information letter – on 21 January.