Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,

We herewith inform you about the latest updates and adjustments in the ISCC System.

1. Letter from the European Commission on the Issuing of Proofs of Sustainability

The European Commission recently sent a letter to all voluntary schemes recognized by the Commission. In this letter, the Commission clarifies that it is not allowed to count a batch of biofuel towards biofuel quotas in more than one EU Member State. To avoid the risk of such multiple counting it should not be possible under recognized voluntary schemes to issue Proofs of Sustainability (PoS) for deliveries or sales of sustainable biofuel, if the biofuel has already been used for any of the purposes of Article 17 (1) of the RED, including the fulfilment of a national quota obligation.

This means, once a batch of biofuel has been counted towards a national biofuel quota it is not allowed to issue a PoS for the respective amount of biofuel. This is also not allowed if the PoS itself includes an explicit statement that the respective amount of biofuel was already used to fulfil a national biofuel quota.

2. Overview of NUTS 2 Values in gCO2eq/kg

The European Commission has published an overview of average greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions for cultivation in g CO2 equivalent per kg of dry crop for different NUTS 2 regions. The values included in this list are based on information the EC has received from the EU Member States. The list does not yet cover all regions but may be updated by the Commission as soon as the Commission receives additional information from the Member States.

The list is available as download on the Commission’s website under the following link:

NUTS 2 values in gCO2eq/kg available on the new list can be applied from now on.

3. Updated ISCC Documents

3.1 Overview of Requirements for Sustainability Declarations

ISCC has updated the overview of the requirements on Sustainability Declarations. Adjustments resulting from the re-recognition of ISCC EU have been included. The updated overview can be used to easily verify if delivery documents comply with the ISCC EU requirements.

3.2 ISCC EU Proof of Sustainability Template

Additionally to the overview of requirements for sustainability declarations, ISCC has updated the ISCC EU Proof of Sustainability template (“Blue PoS”). The updated PoS template can now be applied for biofuels and for bioliquids. The template can be used with immediate effect. Older templates should be replaced as soon as possible. We point out that the use of the PoS template is voluntary. However, system users must ensure that all necessary information are included on a PoS issued for a batch of sustainable biofuel or bioliquid.

3.3 ISCC EU Audit Procedures

ISCC has incorporated further feedback from stakeholders and CBs into the audit procedures. The updated version of the audit procedures for farms and plantations, points of origin, and chain of custody audits, must be applied for ISCC EU audits as of 15 April 2017 the latest. An earlier application is possible.

Please be aware, that the excel-based audit procedure for farms and plantations has also been updated.

3.4 ISCC List of Materials

The ISCC List of Materials has been updated. The guidance on page one has been specified regarding the applicability of the GHG default value for “waste vegetable or animal oil biodiesel” in specific EU Member States. Additionally, “shea meal”, that can be used for heat and power generation, and “corn oil” from the production of corn ethanol were added to table two (“intermediate and final products”).

All updated documents are available in the client section of the ISCC website.

3.5 Reminder: Updated ISCC Terms of Use

As already communicated in the ISCC system update from 29 December 2016, ISCC has revised its Terms of Use. The amended Terms of Use came into effect on 01 February 2017 and are available on the ISCC website. To ensure an efficient review of the adjustments, a version of the Terms of Use is published on the ISCC website in which the adjustments have been highlighted. The Terms of Use are accepted by signature of the system user, and are the basis of the system usage agreement between ISCC and the system user. During the certification audit of a system user, the certification body verifies that the Terms of Use valid at the time of the audit are present and signed. The signed Terms of Use are a prerequisite for a successful completion of an audit and hence for receiving a certificate.

4. Clarification: Companies Suspended from ISCC Certification

ISCC publishes all companies that are suspended from recertification under ISCC due to violations of ISCC requirements on the ISCC website. Companies that are suspended are also not allowed to handle sustainable material under ISCC as “dependent collecting point” or as “dependent warehouse” for the duration of the suspension period. Certified system users are responsible to ensure that all service providers, including e.g. dependent collecting points or warehouses, comply with the ISCC requirements as well.

5. BLE and Nabisy Newsletter

The German Federal Office for Agriculture and Food (Bundesanstalt für Landwirtschaft und Ernährung – BLE) has established a newsletter for issues related to sustainable biomass and Nabisy. Through this newsletter the BLE will inform about new developments at irregular intervals. You can register for the BLE newsletter on the BLE website (only in German language).