Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,

We herewith inform you about updates in the ISCC System. Please share this information with all relevant members of staff.

1. Clarification on esca

ISCC would like to inform you that the below mentioned sentence will not be implemented for the moment:

“If two or more crops are grown in the same field over the same year/agricultural season, esca savings has to be divided among all crops that could be dedicated to bioenergy production within the same year/agricultural season, e.g. soybeans, wheat, corn. This applies only to the harvested part of the crops, not to hay nor residues“ (ISCC EU 205 Document, chapter 4.3.3)

ISCC has received diverse stakeholder feedback on this issue and will adapt the respective system document accordingly when final legislation is published on this regard.

2. ISCC PLUS Certification Guideline

Please note that we have now published an ISCC PLUS certification guideline here on the ISCC website. Please feel free to use it internally and to distribute it to interested parties.

If you have any questions, please  do not hesitate to contact ISCC.

Your ISCC Team