We would like to inform you about the latest ISCC HUB update, implemented on 19 June 2024, which, in addition to technical fixes, includes further improvements. The new features are relevant to all ISCC HUB users and require advanced knowledge. If you do not have the required background knowledge, please use the manual (system user and CB) for guidance. The ISCC HUB manuals will be updated to reflect the latest developments soon. For an overview of changes, please go to the ISCC HUB website.
Site information for ISCC EU system users migrated to ISCC HUB
Since May 2023, system users have been required to provide information on sites covered by a certificate and associated site-specific information (in short site information) via the site information template (also called UDB template) in preparation for the Union Database (UDB) onboarding.
We have now migrated the site information for ISCC EU certificates into the ISCC HUB. The ISCC HUB has many built in validation checks, meaning only valid data has been migrated. Certificates for which data was provided in the ISCC HUB since it went live have not been overwritten.
To improve the data provided by system users, we kindly ask all users of the ISCC EU system to verify this information in the ISCC HUB and to request a change, if needed. This is especially important to ensure that correct data is sent to the UDB once the HUB and UDB integration is activated. An update of sites covered by a valid certificate can be submitted by using the button “initiate site information update” on the certificate. Once submitted, a task is triggered for the CB to confirm the change. Only after confirmation by the CB will the change be reflected in the certificate layout in the HUB.
The integration of ISCC HUB to UDB is not yet activated. To speed up the UDB onboarding process, ISCC has worked intensively on an integration between the ISCC HUB and the UDB. Currently we are conducting technical tests to transfer all valid certificates and the respective site information to the UDB.