Dear Ladies and Gentlemen, 

We herewith inform you about updated ISCC documents that become relevant in the course of the transition from RED I to RED II. Please share this information with all relevant members of staff. 

1. Updated ISCC Documents for RED II Requirements

ISCC EU RED II Gap Audit Procedures 

ISCC has set up “gap” audit procedures that address the RED II requirements. The gap audit procedures must be used for ISCC EU audits as of 01st July 2021 to verify compliance with the requirements of the RED II. These audit procedures must be used in addition to the currently applicable audit procedures. ISCC also provided for each gap audit procedure a version in which the adjustments were highlighted to enable certification bodies and system users to quickly familiarize themselves with the relevant changes becoming effective under ISCC EU as of 01st July 2021. 

The gap audit procedures can be found here on the ISCC website. 

Updated ISCC EU Templates for Sustainability Declarations and Proofs of Sustainability  

The updated ISCC EU templates of the Sustainability Declarations (SDs) and Proofs of Sustainability (POS) reflecting the RED II requirements are also now available on the ISCC website. The new templates (all v2.0 as of 01st July 2021) can be found here on the ISCC website (login required). 

ISCC is intensively working on further guidance regarding the transition from RED I to RED II which will be send out soon.