Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,

We herewith inform you about updates and clarifications in the ISCC System. Please share this information with all relevant members of staff.

1. ISCC Update Regarding the Union Database

The RED II envisions the application of a “Union database” (UDB) for biofuels and bioliquids. The database is currently being developed by the European Commission (EC) (see also ISCC System Update from 22 July 2022).

In this framework, ISCC is presently working on various topics:

a) ISCC is setting up a tool for making registration and certification more efficient for CBs and System Users:
The digitalization of certification processes presents challenges, such as the increasing documentation requirements by the EC. ISCC is working on facilitating workflows and at the same time providing system users with the means to seamlessly demonstrate that their actions are sustainable. For this, a new online data management tool is currently in the making. ISCC will provide more information in due time.

b) ISCC will act as a Service Provider (SP) for all ISCC System Users and will also offer this service to other Voluntary Schemes (VS) and their Economic Operators (EO):
With the ISCC application, that will be linked to the UDB, the process of data provision for system users will be facilitated. ISCC System Users, as well as other EOs and VSs will have the exclusive choice of the ISCC application for the transfer of their data.

c) ISCC is conducting pilots to adapt the system to user needs:
ISCC is conducting pilot projects to test the data flow from economic operators to the service provider system.

ISCC will keep you updated about the development process and timeline of the UDB in System Updates and on the ISCC Website. Please kindly note that it is not known yet when the UDB will become operational.

2. ISCC Principles 2 – 6 for Agricultural Biomass – Updated ISCC EU and PLUS Audit Procedure for Farm/Plantations and Date of Implementation

Following the update of the system document ISCC EU 202-2 – Agricultural Biomass: ISCC Principles 2-6 (see ISCC System Update from 13 June 2022), ISCC is now providing the updated audit procedure for farms/plantations.

The updated ISCC EU and PLUS Audit Procedure for Farms/Plantations (v5.1) will become mandatory for audits conducted as from 1 December 2022 onwards. This also means that the date of implementation of the ISCC EU System Document 202-2 “Agricultural Biomass: ISCC Principles 2-6” (v1.1) will also be moved to that date.

Note for certification bodies and auditors: ISCC will provide an updated version of APS that will include the requirements from the updated farm/plantation audit procedure in due time prior to the implementation date.

Please click here to download the updated ISCC EU and PLUS Audit Procedure for Farms/Plantations (v5.1).
Please click here to download the ISCC EU System Document 202-2 ““Agricultural Biomass: ISCC Principles 2-6” (v1.1). (Note: the date of implementation has been changed to 1st December 2022 in the document. Beside the summary of changes at the beginning that is part of every ISCC System Document this document includes with annex III an archive of previous changes for your information.)

3. Contacting ISCC

Since ISCC receives a large number of emails and phone calls from system users, CBs and other stakeholders and strives to manage the inquiries in the best possible way, we would like to draw attention to the following:

a) ISCC provides a FAQ section on the ISCC website, where answers to the most common questions can be found.
b) All (potential) system users are kindly asked to first contact their certification body to clarify questions. Kindly note that ISCC is not in the position to evaluate individual certification scenarios. In case of uncertainty about how to proceed with the certification process or other open questions, the CB may contact ISCC with specific questions.
c) For all other inquiries, please fill out the contact form on the ISCC website.