ISCC Waste and Residues Training

Upcoming ISCC Waste and Residues Training

02 July 2024

Live Online Training

Upcoming ISCC Waste and Residues Training Add-On

Date to be announced.

Live Online Training

Fee Structure

  • Early bird: 450 € + VAT (until 8 weeks ahead)
  • Regular: 495 € + VAT

The training courses will be held completely online and in English. They are scheduled for Central European Time and will take place live in the form of an interactive meeting.


The circular economy concept is gaining attention globally. Many EU member states provide incentives for the use of waste- and residue-based biofuels in the framework of the Renewable Energy Directive (RED II), which highlights the importance of waste and residues also with respect to third-party certification. In that context, this half-day meeting covers specific risks and challenges in waste and residues supply chains as well as requirements for the ISCC certification of respective materials.

Benefits at a Glance

  • Get a sound understanding of why waste- and residue-based products play an exceptional role for the certification of sustainable supply chains
  • Learn about complexities of waste and residues supply chains including practically oriented case studies
  • Familiarize yourself with the ISCC audit requirements and approaches to verify compliance with them
  • Deepen your knowledge about the particularities of critical waste/residue materials

Target Groups

Auditors, representatives from certification bodies, companies, NGOs, research bodies and authorities

Important Note

  • This ISCC training DOES NOT replace the participation in a 3-day ISCC Basic Training for auditors, which is a mandatory requirement prior to conducting ISCC audits.
  • Starting from 01 January 2021, the successful completion of this training will be a prerequisite for the audit and certification of ISCC Waste and Residues supply chains.

General Note

  • ISCC trainings are open for all interested parties
  • ISCC trainings are held in English (if not stated otherwise)
  • Training documents are provided to the participants prior to the training via download link
  • Participants should use their laptops for the training
  • Proof of Participation can only be issued for participants who attend the entire training to the end and also actively participate in the group work ⇒ a stable and continuous internet connection is on own responsibility
  • ISCC auditors who intend to conduct audits according to the ISCC Waste and Residues process must successfully complete the subsequent online test within four weeks after the webinar

Payment and cancellation policy

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