ISCC Carbon Footprint Certification

Carbon footprint certification across value chains

What is Carbon Footprint Certification?

The ISCC Carbon Footprint Certification (ISCC CFC) module enables the certification of product carbon footprints (PCFs) for various products and value chains. Credible claims can be made for products with improved carbon footprint performances achieved through the usage of non-conventional feedstock or other decarbonisation measures.

Product Carbon Footprint (PCF) calculations certified under ISCC CFC need to comply with specific rules and requirements to guarantee the comparability and reproducibility of the PCF results. These requirements are laid down in the ISCC CFC System Document in separate certification approaches with defined scope and system boundaries.

The ISCC CFC module is applicable for value chains with or without non-conventional feedstock or raw material (bio, bio-circular, circular and renewable feedstocks) – hence as a stand-alone module or as a supplement to ISCC PLUS. Whereas ISCC PLUS focuses on the certification of non-conventional feedstock and the possibility to trace its origin through supply chains, the ISCC CFC module solely focuses on the certification of the PCF value and the calculation behind it. Using both ISCC PLUS and ISCC CFC enables ISCC system users to make claims on both feedstock origin and PCF.

Iterative Approach and Stakeholder Involvement

The ISCC CFC module will be developed in an iterative approach. Additional certification approaches will be developed by ISCC in cooperation with ISCC system users and included in the ISCC CFC System Document. To transparently involve all interested stakeholders and system users, please find the latest version of the ISCC CFC System Document below. The first version of the document is publicly available here. In addition, it is possible to give ISCC feedback at any time via the web form below.

ISCC initiated a Greenhouse Gas Working Group under the Technical Committee for the Circular Economy and Bioeconomy to support the development and establishment of the ISCC CFC module.

Status and Restricted Certification Possibility

Since the ISCC CFC module and corresponding guidance (e.g. audit procedures, auditor training and accreditation) is under development, currently no certifications under ISCC CFC are possible without direct ISCC involvement. To practically test the developed certification approaches, pilot audits are conducted from certification bodies in close cooperation with ISCC. Interested parties can contact ISCC via the web form below.

All ISCC CFC certificates issued can be found via the ISCC Certificate Database.

This document describes the main guidelines for the ISCC Carbon Footprint Certification (ISCC CFC) which can be used by system users to determine GHG emissions for different processes, feedstocks and products.

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