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31.03.2021 ISCC Outlook on 2021 in Biofuels International 24.03.2021 First ISCC PLUS certificate for renewable caustic soda 15.03.2021 Response to the Greenpeace international publication “Certifying Destruction” 04.11.2020 Unzipping Polyester for a Cleaner Future 20.08.2020 ISCC supports the conservation organisation in Freising in restoring the biodiversity in Bavaria´s wetlands 19.05.2020 Sustainable bio-attributed PVC is a winner 05.05.2020 ISCC PLUS certified packaging for the products we love 19.03.2020 Responding to the coronavirus pandemic (COVID-19) 18.02.2020 ISCC Outlook on 2020 in Biofuels International 17.10.2019 How certification meets the interests of consumers and producers 17.10.2019 The world’s first rum with the ISCC logo 17.10.2019 Decarbonising the aviation sector 20.09.2019 CORSIA Sustainable Aviation Fuels Certification with ISCC 12.09.2019 Wasch- und Reinigungsmittel pflanzenbasiert und nachhaltig einkaufen 06.09.2019 ISCC officially supports the German conservation organisation “Nationale Naturlandschaften” 12.07.2019 Boosting biodiversity with every biscuit 17.06.2019 CE100 Whitepaper: Enabling a circular economy for chemicals with the mass balance approach 12.06.2019 Sustainable Soy Production: Benchmark rated ISCC as best standard to protect forests, wetlands and biodiversity 15.04.2019 Cracking the problem of waste plastics 15.04.2019 ISCC presents its outlook on 2019 in leading magazine Biofuels International 13.03.2019 100% commitment to sustainable biopolymers 07.03.2019 ISCC is recognised as sustainability initiative in the 2025 Sustainable Cotton Challenge 21.02.2019 Press release from SABIC: First production of ISCC certified circular polymers 21.02.2019 Press release from NatureWorks: 100% ISCC Certified Sustainable Feedstock by 2020 31.01.2019 Press release from SABIC: Launch of ISCC certified circular polymers from mixed plastic waste 13.09.2018 How to deal with indirect land use change? 28.08.2018 Sustainability tastes sweet in Hungary 09.08.2018 EU-Palmöl-Bann: Verbot ohne Nutzen (Beitrag aus Kiel Focus) 25.07.2018 Shanghai update: Chinese waste boom spurs trade and traceability investments (PRIMA Markets article) 10.07.2018 Winners and losers from the proposed ban on palm oil (Eco Business article) 10.07.2018 Responsible rum is to everyone’s taste 02.07.2018 Sustainable soy production: ISCC in line with the political goals of the Amsterdam declaration 25.06.2018 ISCC e.V. welcomes 100th member 21.06.2018 Scientifically Verified: Belt Filter Press Leads to 50% GHG Emission Reduction in Palm Oil Mills 08.05.2018 Japanese Government recognises ISCC 26.04.2018 Deforestation-free and sustainable supply chains for vegetable fats and proteins for aquaculture feed 23.04.2018 ISCC has become Partner of TFA 2020 23.04.2018 ISCC Article: Biogas Gets Motoring 17.04.2018 Winners and losers from the proposed ban on palm oil 12.04.2018 Interview Biofuels International with Dr. Jan Henke from ISCC: Palm oil and fatbergs 05.04.2018 Jakarta Post – Dr. Haskarlianus Pasang’s opinion on the European Commission’s proposal to exclude palm oil from renewable energy 27.03.2018 ISCC Press Release: World First ISCC Independent Smallholder Certificate 09.03.2018 Minambiente apuesta por la sostenibilidad en la producción de biocombustibles 09.03.2018 Wie weisen landwirtschaftliche Produkte eine nachhaltige Rohstoffquelle nach? 15.02.2018 Addressing the sustainability of sugarcane 15.12.2017 Chewing the Monster Fatberg – ISCC Article 08.11.2017 ISCC Article on UCO: “Smart waste tanks are no small fry” 31.08.2017 Socially and environmentally sustainable sugar cane in Guatemala 26.07.2017 Sustainability is in fashion for Greek cotton 12.07.2017 SIG Combibloc branches out with ISCC PLUS 05.07.2017 She Sells Shea – ISCC Article on Shea 05.07.2017 Banking on Deforestation-free Palm oil 30.06.2017 Sustainable Certification for the Ethanol Process 17.05.2017 APS (Audit Procedure System) second release 15.05.2017 Post event report on the ISCC and PRIMA Conference in San Francisco 04.04.2017 Implementation of the Public Summary Audit Report 01.04.2017 Chasing certifications 01.04.2017 Entering into a new paradigm 01.03.2017 Biofuels post 2020 – latest views from the coalface 13.01.2017 ISCC PLUS Certified Sugar Enters the Food Market – An Example from Latin America 01.12.2016 ISCC releases APS (Audit Procedure System) 30.11.2016 ISCC Registration as System Administrator in Poland 20.10.2016 ISCC supports AgoraNatura – the online marketplace to trade ecosystem services 01.10.2016 Re-recognition of sustainability certification schemes 15.09.2016 ISCC in line with OECD/FAO guidance for responsible agricultural supply chains 24.08.2016 Press release from Enerkem on the world’s first ISCC certification of their plant in Edmonton (Canada) to convert municipal solid waste into biomethanol 18.08.2016 ADM Plant in Straubing earns ISCC Non-GMO Certification for Feed 17.08.2016 European Court of Auditors confirms ISCC’s approach of sustainability certification 10.08.2016 ISCC EU re-recognized by the European Commission 09.08.2016 Re-recognition of ISCC EU by the European Commission 01.07.2016 Deforestation-free and traceable supply chains for the production of sustainable surfactants 30.06.2016 World debut for the first sustainably certified natural fibre: European hemp fibre for automotive applications and insulation material receives ISCC PLUS certificate 27.05.2016 ISCC PLUS Logo on Arla Milk Cartons 20.05.2016 ISCC – Leading certification system for sustainability and greenhouse gas emissions 12.05.2016 ISCC PLUS and ISCC with SAI FSA Gold Add-on fulfil SAI Platform’s FSA 2.0 Silver and Gold Performance Levels– Opportunities in the Food Market 09.05.2016 Findings on EBB Allegations regarding Low Priced Biodiesel Exports from the Polish Market 18.04.2016 UPM Biofuels gains ISCC PLUS certification for bio-based applications 16.04.2016 Eco-Business Article – How Companies can implement and monitor their No-Deforestation Commitments 11.04.2016 ISCC fulfills SAI Silver and SAI Gold – Opportunities for ISCC System Users in the Global Food Market 30.03.2016 Sustainability as a Success Factor for Palm Oil Producers Supplying the European Vegetable Oil Markets 29.03.2016 EU Bioenergy Article on GRAS: A Tool to guarantee sustainable Bioenergy 07.02.2016 BBC News Press Release: ‘Dodgy diesel’ threatens EU green fuel market 07.02.2016 ISCC Press Release on Reports of the EBB on Polish low-priced Biodiesel Export to EU Member States 05.02.2016 How Beverage Cartons Become more Sustainable with Sabic’s Renewable Polyethylene