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Does your company not hold a valid ISCC license agreement yet and you would like to start the process of obtaining one?

If you wish to apply for an ISCC license agreement, please provide us with the information below. Once we have received your application, we will internally review the request and reach out to you shortly.

ISCC Form for Licensing Scheme Application

Please note that this application form is to apply for a license. For approval of ISCC logos and ISCC claims, please fill in the Logo Application Form.

General information

Please take a look at the decision tree for brand owners to evaluate whether your company is eligible for an ISCC license.

Eligibility for an ISCC license

Please insert the following information of the main contact person for ISCC.


We name a second contact person (optional).

ISCC complaint material related information

As a brand owner, you can source ISCC certified material for your finished goods/packaging. The characteristics of ISCC certified material sourced for the finished goods/packaging determines how the ISCC on-product logo can be used. You can find all relevant information in the sustainability declaration from your supplier or ask your supplier directly.

What is the raw material category of the certified material? (Please see the slide below as a reference)

Maximum file size: 33.55MB

Which ISCC logo would you like to use?
The ISCC certified supplier(s) deliver(s) the final ISCC certified product or packaging. Please choose one option:

ISCC Licence Agreement = Master Agreement + Individual Agreement(s)

To gain better insight into the ISCC license scheme setup, please take a look at our detailed presentation for brand owners Licensing Scheme for Brand Owners presentation.

- Master Agreement:

The Master Agreement includes all legal clauses of the ISCC licensing scheme. Depending on the company’s corporate structure, this can be set up on a global or regional level. Preferably, this agreement should be signed by the responsible person, who has an overview of all brands, that will be included in the Individual Agreement(s) later.

We already know which legal entity will sign the Master Agreement.
We already know the name of the person who will sign the Master Agreement (authorized signatory).

Please insert below the contact details of the authorized signatory who will sign this master agreement.

- Individual Agreement:

The Individual Agreement only includes brand-related information and is linked to the Master Agreement. This agreement will provide all relevant information about the licensed brand and its certified finished good or packaging. At least one individual agreement per brand is mandatory, however it can also be split per region. The number of finished goods per Individual Agreement is not limited.

How many brands do you want to apply the license for?
If you have more than one brand to cover, after filling out the information about the 1st brand, please click "add" to add further brands.

Please provide the brand-related information one by one, If you wish to license more than one brand, please provide all information for the first brand and then click "Add more brand(s)" to continue with additional brands.

*the latest effective date shall be the date when the certified products are communicated and/or launched in the market.
Regions where this Individual Agreement should apply.
Countries belonging to a region are according to the UN Statistics Division:
Please be aware that the annual turnover is referring to the annual turnover of the entire licensed brand, not only limited to the products that are related to ISCC certified materials.

We already know which legal entity will sign the individual agreement.

Billing postal address for this individual agreement

We already know the postal address to issue the invoice for this brand.

Please provide below information about the contact person responsible for invoices.

Does the VAT-ID number need to be stated on the invoice?
We already know the name of the person who will sign this Individual Agreement for this brand (authorized signatory).

Please insert below the contact details of the authorized signatory who will sign the license agreement.

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Maximum file size: 33.55MB

Maximum file size: 33.55MB