At ISCC, we take grievances and whistleblowing very seriously. We have established a safe and confidential process for reporting incidents and encourage you to use it. Our Complaints and Whistleblower tools, each dedicated to a different purpose, are designed to provide you with all the information you need to understand your rights and responsibilities regarding reporting. We have clear guidelines and procedures to ensure that all reports are handled fairly and objectively.

ISCC has established a conflict resolution process to ensure that conflicts are handled in a consistent, impartial, non-discriminatory, user-friendly, timely and effective manner. The conflict resolution process aims to ensure the integrity and reliability of the ISCC Certification Systems.

Conflicts can occur on different levels, respectively, between different stakeholders, organisations or individuals concerning ISCC’s procedures:

1. Complaints

Complaints can be submitted to ISCC by any party (individuals or organisations) affected by activities or decisions of ISCC or having a material interest in the activities of ISCC, such as System Users and their employees, Certification Bodies and their employees, auditors and other interested parties (e.g. competent authorities, NGOs, community groups and other stakeholders). Complaints can be submitted concerning conflicts between a CB and a System User and concerning conflicts between ISCC and CBs or System Users.

2. Whistleblower Reports

Whistleblower Reports can be filed with ISCC by any party (individual or organisations). This includes all parties that have a material interest in the activities of ISCC, such as System Users and their employees, licensees, Certification Bodies and their employees, auditors or ISCC employees. The Whistleblower System can also be used by other interested third parties, such as e.g. competent authorities, NGOs, associations, community groups and other stakeholders. Whistleblower Reports can be submitted for any conflict regarding activities of System Users or CBs impacting other stakeholders. This could be information on alleged non-conformities with ISCC requirements of System Users or CBs. On the other hand, the ISCC Whistleblower Tool also enables any party to share information on grievances with the ISCC system or its employees.