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ISCC Webinar – ISCC HUB Introduction for Certification Bodies

29 November 2023

As part of the preparation for the ISCC HUB implementation (December 2023), this webinar introduced the key features and functionalities of the ISCC HUB and highlights the related responsibilities of both, System Users and CBs, in the context of the ISCC HUB Go Live. 

ISCC PLUS Feedback Meeting with Certification Bodies

8 November 2023

Exchange with CB representatives to focus on recent developments and experiences regarding the ISCC PLUS scheme.

ISCC Feedback Meeting with Certification Bodies

2 November 2023

Exchange with CB representatives to focus on recent developments and experiences regarding the ISCC EU and ISCC CORSIA scheme.

ISCC Webinar – EU Deforestation Regulation

23 October 2023

  1. the requirements for compliance with the EUDR 
  2. the challenges and opportunities for implementation from an industry perspective
  3. the support ISCC can provide

ISCC Webinar – APS Introduction

10 October 2023

Showcase and launch of new APS version v.4.5.0– for certification bodies and auditors

ISCC PLUS Feedback Meeting with Certification Bodies

23 May 2023

ISCC PLUS CB Meeting with focus on the recent developments and experiences with the ISCC PLUS scheme.

ISCC Webinar: Food Security Standard (FSS) Add-on

10 May 2023, Webinar

In 2022 ISCC launched the new ISCC Food Security Add-On further highlighting the importance of social sustainability in agricultural production. The Add-On provides certification that demonstrates compliance with national due diligence and internationally recognized principles. Application of the Add-On allows companies to demonstrate that their producers are ensured a food-secure livelihood while providing raw materials for downstream supply chains. The webinar mainly focused on:

  • The rationale for introducing the FSS Social Sustainability Add-On, particularly in the context of current and future E&S due diligence regulations
  • Added value of the Add-On compared to ISCC EU and PLUS core certification

MCS / ClimatePal Webinar: Net-Zero Emissions and Carbon Crediting

09 May 2023

Amid the climate crisis, there is growing pressure on companies to mitigate greenhouse gases within their value chains and beyond. Many are committing to net-zero targets and, as a result, the voluntary carbon market has experienced a renaissance with exponential growth in recent years – with more buyers seeking carbon credits to offset their emissions and more suppliers identifying opportunities to mitigate greenhouse gases and generate carbon credits.

Recently, ISCC has received an increasing number of inquiries from our system users about net-zero claims and carbon credits, and the feasibility and eligibility of their activities for generating carbon credits to monetize mitigations.

 The webinar focused on:

  • How net-zero claims are enabled and recognized
  • What the state and trends of the voluntary carbon market are
  • What the basic rules for claiming net-zero and carbon crediting are
  • How the quality and integrity of carbon crediting can be improved
  • How to generate or source carbon credits