ISCC UDB Training – European Commission’s Union Database Demonstration Session

Upcoming ISCC UDB Trainings

On-demand online training

To obtain access to the on-demand demo session, please log in to the client section first. Access will be granted to Members, System Users and CBs only.

Fee Structure

  • Free of charge for ISCC Association Members, System Users, CBs

The training courses will be held completely online and in English and are scheduled for Central European (Summer) Time.


The RED II envisions the application of a “Union Database” (UDB) for biofuels and bioliquids (see Art. 28(2) Directive (EU) 2018/2001 – RED II). The database aims to ensure the tracing of liquid and gaseous transport fuels that are eligible for being counted towards the share of renewable energy in the transport sector in any Member State.

The ISCC UDB Training course will provide information about the UDB implementation and requirements.

Please find more information about the UDB here on the ISCC website.

Benefits at a Glance

During the session, there will be a UDB live presentation and Q&A session following the UDB manual. This covers topics such as initial stock, sourcing contacts, Point of Origin trade, seller transactions, and material processing. Questions can be submitted during the live session. 
To fully benefit from the session, it is required to read the available manuals and watch respective demos. They may be found here.

Target Groups

This training is designed for users of the ISCC System. We welcome one representative per company/organisation and will accommodate a maximum of 100 participants per session for now. A minimum of 1 active ISCC EU certificate is required and priority will be given to the first 50 registering ISCC Members.

  • ISCC trainings are open for all ISCC System Users (1 active EU certificate)
  • ISCC trainings are held in English
  • The training documents are provided to all participants in electronic form
  • Participants should use their laptops for the training
  • ⇒ a stable and continuous internet connection is on own responsibility

Payment and cancellation policy

Previous Trainings

  • 4 + 11 April 2024, Live Online Training
  • March 2024, Live Online Training
  • Februar 2024, Live Online Training