ISCC Logos, Claims & Licensing Training

Upcoming: ISCC Logos, Claims & Licensing Training

22 October 2024

Live Online Training

Fee Structure

  • Early bird: 450 € + VAT (until 8 weeks ahead)
  • Regular: 495 € + VAT


Ocean pollution, plastic pollution, loss of biodiversity and climate change are global problems that receive increasing attention and need to be addressed urgently. Policies such as the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals or the EU’s ‘Strategy for Plastics in a Circular Economy’ show the increasing need for the more responsible handling of materials, products, wastes and residues. Innovative companies react and seek practical solutions that contribute to the development of the circular economy and bioeconomy.

With the use of the ISCC Licensing Scheme, companies at the end of the supply chain can communicate and promote ISCC certified finished goods. The use of effective communication through credible claims and ISCC logos allows for increased transparency and credibility towards end consumers. The International Sustainability and Carbon Certification (ISCC) Licensing Training will provide an overview of ISCC and its developments, the ISCC PLUS certification scheme, and how to operate the ISCC licensing scheme.


To combat greenwashing, stricter regulations and criteria have been put into place to ensure that green claims and logos are communicated accurately and efficiently. During this training, you will learn how to effectively make green claims and how to use the ISCC logos to promote the transparency of your products and avoid any ties towards greenwashing. 

To operate the ISCC Licensing scheme and to promote the ISCC certified finished goods correctly, an overview of the ISCC PLUS scheme is very important. The training will provide the basics of the scheme including an explanation of the raw material categories, transparency and traceability requirements, and the Chain of Custody options, such as mass balance, physical segregation, and controlled blending.

With a valid license, brand owners who receive certified material from a certified entity and do not fundamentally alter the certified material anymore, are allowed to use the ISCC logos and/or claims (on- and off-product). The training will provide detailed information regarding the implementation of licensing scheme and contract setup, eligible parties, and the differences between licensing and certification.

This training will include presentations and Q&As along with active group work exercises.

Benefits at a Glance

  • Deepen your understanding of the ISCC PLUS certification scheme and ISCC licensing scheme
  • Improve your knowledge about the use of green and credible claims and logos for the different chain of custody options and for circular and bio-based raw materials and final products
  • Conduct and discuss several case studies in group works
  • Discover further market opportunities and implementations into strategies for your company
  • Attain the knowledge to explain how ISCC works to colleagues and clients

Target Group

  • Brand Owners who would like to use the ISCC licensing scheme and promote ISCC certified finished goods
  • Sales/Marketing Teams of certified companies within the value chain (especially from the chemical and packaging industry)
  • Retailers
  • Other interested parties

General Note

  • ISCC trainings are open for all interested parties
  • This training is not a precondition for audits under ISCC
  • ISCC trainings are held in English (if not stated otherwise)
  • The training documents are provided to all participants prior to the training in electronic form via a download link
  • Group work solutions will be provided to all participants after the training
  • Proof of Participation can only be issued for participants who attend the entire training to the end and also actively participate in the group work 

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