ISCC and the Food Security Standard

The proportion of the world affected by hunger keeps rising. In 2021 as much as 11.7 percent of the global population faced food insecurity at severe levels, an augmentation of 150 million people in 2 years (FAO 2022). The Food Security Standard (FSS) was developed as a private sector response to this situation.

Funded by the German Federal Ministry for Food and Agriculture (BMEL) and actively managed by the Welthungerhilfe (WHH) and Meo Carbon Solutions (MCS), FSS aims at supporting the efforts at the production level of global agricultural value chains in fostering zero hunger worldwide. 

First Phase of the Food Security Standard Project (FSS)

ISCC´s FSS Recognition

During the first phase of the project (2017-2022), the FSS criteria were developed through a qualitative collaboration and consultation process between the public and private sectors. Hence, it incorporates Human Rights Principles, as the right to adequate food, and obligations from the private sector on social due diligence. To facilitate its effective implementation, the FSS is designed as an Add-On and can be easily adopted by existing sustainable certification systems and carried out within a combined audit process. ISCC is an official partner of the FSS and took part in the FSS pilot project. FSS has been integrated into ISCC certification in a streamlined manner.

Second Phase of the Food Security Standard Project (FSS)

Official FSS Flyer

The second phase of the FSS project, which started in July 2022, aims at fostering standard adoption by the public and private sectors as well as civil society. Already adopted by two globally operating sustainable certification schemes (4C & ISCC), as the Food Security Add-on, the FSS aims to extend its adoption at the global level and for it to be applied to other agricultural commodities (food and non-food sector). Additionally, to ensure FSS adoption by companies and producers in a more challenging context, a capacity-building program called the Food Security Sensitive Management (FOSSEM) has been developed and implemented.

Further Information on the Food Security Standard

  • If you are interested in integrating the FSS in your regular audit, please contact ISCC.
  • For additional information on the project, you can visit the website Food Security Standard.