List of Non-compliant Points of Origin (PoO)

  • Non-compliant Points of Origin (PoO) for all kinds of waste and residue materials will be excluded as suppliers of sustainable material for five years and cannot be covered under the certificate of any Collecting Point or Central Office (for groups of points of origin) or obtain an individual certification as Point of Origin for this period of time. Non-compliant PoOs listed on the ISCC website must be removed from the supply base of Collecting Points and Central Offices immediately.
  • This does not apply to farms and plantations supplying agricultural residues.
  • Non-compliant means here that the supplied material of the Point of Origin does not consist exclusively of the waste or residue material as indicated in the Self-Declaration signed by the PoO, the requirements on the signed Self-Declaration are not fulfilled, or access to auditors is denied by the Point of Origin.
  • A Point of Origin remains on this list for five years from publication. After that, the Point of Origin may only supply to a certified Collecting Point again after a successful audit.
  • This requirement was included in the System Update of 28 April 2023 and the FAQs About the ISCC System Updates: 8. Publishing a list of non-compliant PoOs on the ISCC website (applicable for all kinds of waste and residue materials) (requirement n. 8)

Last update: 08 May 2023

Name of the CompanyAddressExcluded fromExcluded to
Baskin LivestockCreek Rd 9778
14020Batavia, NY
United States