August 24, 2021

Update market information for ISCC EU system users 

(Note: The following information is only relevant for ISCC EU certified system users. It does not have any effect on ISCC PLUS or ISCC CORSIA supply chains).  

August 11, 2021 

 Dear All 

ISCC is continuing its efforts in ensuring that, as stated on the European Commission website, the recognition of the first voluntary schemes under the RED II will happen soon. 

On the 10th of July 2021, the European Commission informed the Member States that some voluntary schemes have successfully passed the preliminary assessment for the formal recognition under RED II among them ISCC EU. This means that ISCC EU can be applied for all transactions of certified material demonstrating compliance with the sustainability and GHG emissions savings criteria of the RED II. 

Gradually, Member States are confirming that they accept evidence verifying compliance with the sustainability and GHG emissions savings criteria of RED II of those schemes that are technically compliant with RED II.

With regards to the specific situation in Poland, the Polish Ministry of Climate and Environment issued a statement on 10th August 2021 based on discussions between the different relevant Polish authorities, which provides information to ensure the smooth functioning of the fuel market and the uninterrupted supply of biomass, biocomponents and biofuels from outside Poland. 

With respect to the above-mentioned situation in the Polish market, ISCC provides a solution for traders outside Poland delivering biofuels into the Polish market to quota obligated parties in Poland, and for traders/quota obligated parties located in Poland. This solution enables those parties to receive a RED certificate on short notice with a limited validity period of max. 6 months. 

We will keep you informed about any new developments. 

With kind regards, 

Your ISCC Team