The OECD and FAO jointly published a “Guidance for Responsible Agricultural Supply Chains”. This guidance includes standards that companies should fulfil to set up responsible agricultural production and value chains.

After thoroughly studying the publication, ISCC has come to the conclusion that the ISCC requirements on ecological, social and economic sustainability fulfil the standards of the OECD/FAO guidance, especially in the following fields: Responsible business practices, human- and labour rights, health & safety, food security, property- and ownership rights, licenses, access to and sustainable use of natural resources, environmental protection, governance as well as technology and innovation. Already today, ISCC certified companies that are processing raw materials cultivated in compliance with the ISCC requirements would fulfil the OECD/FAO guideline. By applying ISCC certification, the OECD/FAO five-step framework for due diligence verification could also be regarded as implemented. For ISCC certification, all relevant ISCC requirements are verified by independent third-party certification bodies to confirm that sustainability risks of agricultural supply chains have been identified and addressed.

Download OECD/FAO guidance