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Below you can find a list of all ISCC certificates and statements of conformity

Expired certificates are marked red. The number of certificate is crossed out, if a certificate was withdrawn.
A certification according to the waste and residue process does not mean that EU Member States automatically accept the material as waste or residue.

A detail search and a list of abbreviations of the certified type of operation can be found below.

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id Certificate Certificate Holder Scope* Raw Material Add-Ons** Valid From Valid Until Issuing CB Map Certificate Audit Report cert_status cert_lat cert_long
1 EU-ISCC-Cert-GR209-1271304 Achaiki Anakyklosi Monoprosopi IKE, Patra, Greece CP, TRS UCO 29.12.16 28.12.17 EuroCert Google Map EU-ISCC-Cert-GR209-1271304.pdf 20 0,00 0,00
2 DE-B-BLE-BM-10-105-81475500 Alco Bio Fuel, Gent, BELGIUM EP 30.04.10 29.04.11 PCU 10 0,00 0,00
3 EU-ISCC-Cert-DE120-70160146 Soukup Trade s.r.o., Uherský Brod, Czech Republic TR 14.01.17 13.01.18 BVC Google Map EU-ISCC-Cert-DE120-70160146.pdf 20 0,00 0,00
4 DE-B-BLE-BM-10-103-10049001 Bioeton Deutschland GmbH, Kyritz, Germany OM, BP 03.05.10 02.05.11 GCE 10 0,00 0,00
5 EU-ISCC-Cert-DE120-30170001 ACEITES DEL SUR COOSUR, SA, Puente Delobispo (Jaén), Spain PO Soapstock acid oil ... 13.01.17 12.01.18 BVC EU-ISCC-Cert-DE120-30170001.pdf 20 0,00 0,00
6 EU-ISCC-Cert-ID215-23170203 PT Ivo Mas Tunggal, Kabupaten Siak, Provinsi Riau, Indonesia FG, OM Oil palm fresh ... 01.02.17 31.01.18 Mutu Cert Google Map EU-ISCC-Cert-ID215-23170203.pdf 10 0,00 0,00
7 DE-B-BLE-BM-10-101-20100002 RBE Rheinische Bio Ester GmbH & Co.KG, Neuss, GERMANY BP 26.05.10 20.12.10 DQS 10 0,00 0,00
8 EU-ISCC-Cert-DE100-31692017 Spades waste oil, Timperly, Altrincham, Cheshire, United Kingdom CP UCO 14.01.17 13.01.18 SGS Google Map EU-ISCC-Cert-DE100-31692017.pdf 10 0,00 0,00
9 EU-ISCC-Cert-DE100-21382017 Pantaleon, S.A., Siquinalá, Escuintla, Guatemala FA, SM Sugar cane 01.02.17 10.12.17 SGS Google Map EU-ISCC-Cert-DE100-21382017.pdf 10 0,00 0,00
10 DE-B-BLE-BM-10-100-20100010 Cargill GmbH, Frankfurt am Main, Germany RE, BP 24.06.10 15.02.11 SGS 10 0,00 0,00
id Certificate Certificate Holder Scope* Raw Material Add-Ons** Valid From Valid Until Issuing CB cert_status cert_lat cert_long

* Definition abbreviations certification scopes:

BG = Biogas plant
BM = Biomethane plant
BP = Biodiesel plant
COF = Central Office (Group of farms/plantations)
COP = Central Office (Group of Points of Origin)
CP = Collecting Point (for waste/residue material not grown/harvested on farms/plantations)
CPP = Co-Processing plant
CR = Crushing plant
EP = Ethanol plant
ET = ETBE plant
FA = Farm / Plantation
FG = First Gathering Point (for biomass grown/harvested on farms/plantations)
HVO = HVO plant
ISHC = Central Office for Independent Smallholders

LC = Logistic Center
LP = Liquefaction Plant
ML = Methanol plant
MP = Melting plant
MT = MTBE plant
OM = Oil mill
OT = Other conversion unit
PM = Pulp mill
PO = Point of Origin
PP = Polymerization plant
RE = Refinery
SC = Steam cracking
SM = Sugar mill
TR = Trader
TRS = Trader with storage
TW = Treatment plant for waste/ residues
WH = Warehouse
WR36 = acc. to 36th BImSchV (double counting of biofuels in Germany)

** Further details on add-ons can be found here under ISCC PLUS